Nuvo Air – Virtual care for respiratory health

Breathing is the most effortless task that humans do both consciously and subconsciously. However, we often take it for granted without realizing that 1 out of every 10 people gasps for air in their everyday lives. Almost 262 million people in this world had asthma in 2019, out of which nearly 461,000 lost their lives to it.

Respiration is the fundamental necessity of life which often becomes a nightmare for people suffering from respiratory disorders. To counteract the hardships of such patients in present times, healthcare services require digitization to build instantaneous end-to-end patient-doctor communication.

This is where NuvoAir takes the lead. A digital start-up focused on respiratory care, proven to reduce urgent consultations by 39.9%. The company believes in amalgamating empathy with technology to deliver holistic patient care services to alleviate morbid symptoms of chronic respiratory diseases, consequently improving patients’ quality of life.

The company has developed world-class software that fits seamlessly into patients’ daily rituals, consistently monitors vitals, executes spirometry timely, conducts analysis, and constructs real-time data to provide precise insights about patient health to doctors, without fail. This accumulation of information aids in the build-up of explicit data that further helps in making information-derived accurate decisions based on facts and statistics.

The age-old adage, “Self-help is the best help,” speaks of independence and resilience. Nuvo Air acknowledges the empowerment of patients as the foremost tool to combat a disease. Its educational forum is the epicenter of content regarding lifestyle management, breathing exercise, live classes, routine buildup, and medication management.

Old diseases require new treatment plans to reduce the time of recovery and increase an individual’s lifespan. The door to the formulation of pristine remedial therapies passes through clinical trials, the edge of the medical sector.

NuvoAir Clinical Trial Solution brings trials to patients’ homes. It is an AI-driven forum that captures inspiratory and expiratory respiratory data in addition to disease-specific symptoms to generate accurate, precise results. Besides data management, the company offers eConsent in multiple languages, triggered events feature to record optimized data, video call for live coaching, and spirometry for lung function assessment. It has completed 30 clinical trials with robust outcomes.

Obligation to institutional and ethical guidelines is the valued attribute of NuvoAir. All its products align with ATS/ERS/ ISO guidelines and are CE and FDA-cleared.

“What we know for sure is that we want to fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered. We want to provide a more patient and human-centric experience in a healthcare system that is still very broken and far too complex to navigate. Whether patients are enrolled in our clinical service or our clinical trial platform, we want to empower them and put them back in the driving seat. We want to provide an experience that our members love, help them live their lives to the fullest – and be paid only when we can demonstrate value for the services provided,” says Lorenzo Consoli, Founder, and CEO of NuvoAir.

When the world was stuck with the pandemic and hospitals closed their general OPDs, NuvoAir Bluetooth spirometer helped patients receive regular home checkups and medical assistance.

It worked relentlessly to launch its sister platform, the cough app, an innovative mobile application that includes add-on sensors that analyze patterns of coughing sounds via its AI-based algorithms to augment inhalational techniques and medication routines.

The company is revolutionizing patient care and has been validated by more than 15-peer reviewed publications.

It’s been a golden year for NuvoAir as it received its Series A funding which counted $12 million, giving it an extra edge to aid humanity in breathing till its last breath.