Odyssey Semiconductor – Leading Provider of Custom Integrated Circuits

As one of the fastest-growing semiconductor companies, Odyssey Semiconductor Technologies not only stands at the forefront of innovation in the semiconductor industry but also pioneers the use of gallium nitride (GaN) as a high-performance switching material. This groundbreaking approach is rapidly emerging as a key player in the market, revolutionizing the landscape and broadening the horizon of GaN technology’s potential.

Odyssey Semiconductor Technology firmly believes that GaN is the future of high-voltage transistors. GaN’s material properties surpass silicon carbide (SiC) when integrated into high-voltage power-switching applications, making it a promising technology. However, the industry is dynamic, and customer needs are evolving.

Despite the impressive performance of GaN technology, existing GaN-driven applications have not yet produced GaN high voltage switching transistors operating above 1,000 V. These horizontal devices, based on radio frequency (RF) designs, are limited to low-voltage electronic applications, as their results don’t scale beyond 1,000 V for operating voltage.

With its unique GaN processing technology, Odyssey Semiconductor introduces futuristic vertical current conduction GaN devices that unlock the scope for application voltages from 1,000 V to over 10,000 V. This technology allows GaN power-switching applications to extend beyond consumer electronics and venture into more demanding and complex applications, such as electric vehicles, energy grids, and industrial motor controls.

Odyssey Semiconductor leverages disruptive proprietary technology that replaces silicon carbide with gallium nitride as the superior high-voltage power-switching semiconductor material. — Rick Brown, Co Founder and CTO

What sets Odyssey Semiconductor’s GaN-enabled power-switching transistors apart are their material properties, which also support wafer-area devices—with 10x less wafer area—with equivalent breakdown voltage, on-resistance, and current-handling characteristics. Additionally, these devices are more economical, as they use wafers, taking into account their area. Furthermore, they have ~10X less capacitance, exponentially increasing the switching speed of converter circuits using these parts.

Odyssey’s “switch-mode” power converter is another offering making waves in the semiconductor landscape. These power conversion circuits convert electrical power from one form to another and support numerous applications, ranging from electric vehicles and consumer electronics to solar photovoltaics and smart-power grid distribution devices.

The New York-based company understands the inverse relationship between a power conversion system’s physical size and operating frequency due to the reduction in the size of the physical components with increasing operating frequency, which is influenced by the limitations of the semiconductor power switch. Considering this phenomenon, Odyssey designs and delivers GaN devices that are smaller and lighter and drive cost-effective production, as the cost of passive parts scales according to size and weight.

We have created a revolutionary method to achieve area-selective doped regions in GaN, opening the door to innovative, more effective vertical-conduction devices. — James Shealy, Co Founder

Odyssey Semiconductor has established itself as an emerging leader in the semiconductor space by leveraging high-quality bulk GaN wafers as the foundation for its proprietary vertical-conduction power-switching transistors. What cements this technology’s position as a state-of-the-art technology is its capability to accommodate the growth of low-defect-density device layers needed for transistors with ratings above 1,000 V.

While Odyssey Semiconductor’s vertical-conduction transistors are turning the tides with their versatility and capabilities to function below 1,000 V, the market segment is already well-supported by existing GaN-on-Si HEMT devices. As an experienced player in the industry, Odyssey navigates this sphere by targeting high-power devices currently operating on silicon carbide (SiC). The company aims to empower its clients by disrupting this space by supplanting SiC technology altogether.

Odyssey Semiconductor Technologies caters to a diverse clientele, from established industry leaders to enterprising startups. One example involved an established company seeking to introduce a next-generation device but needing more in-house semiconductor manufacturing experience. Recognizing this challenge, Odyssey partnered with them to devise a viable solution. Through in-depth research, including patent analysis and leveraging existing publications, Odyssey developed a preliminary design with customizable parameters, laying the groundwork for further refinement. Following rigorous testing and feedback from the first round, Odyssey modified the design, incorporating revisions until a final, functional prototype with working transistors, components, and packaging was built.