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Balancing the strategic responsibility of technological innovation against the need for daily operational excellence is an exact science. Walking this tightrope is tricky for many businesses, and they need new approaches to customer engagement, products and services, and even business models. This is where OneNeck comes in.

Providing specialized help to fuel strategic growth and increase competitive advantage, OneNeck is the Nutanix partner that can bring the right blend of tech expertise and business acumen. Helping clients to better utilize the time, focus, and resources they pour into their ventures, OneNeck has always been a trusted partner that clients can lean on. Especially the uncertain, complex, and uncharted environment that is characteristic of the tech world today makes it difficult for small and mid-sized businesses to settle on a solid IT infrastructure.

OneNeck is not a way to replace the IT strategy and team that businesses already have in place. Instead, the organization takes pride in supplementing the existing systems and operations in executing clients’ vision for their enterprises. From simple guidance to innovating technology and keeping the critical infrastructure running smoothly, OneNeck readily embraces every role.

The dedication that OneNeck displays in its work has made it the first and only Nutanix Partner in the US that is dual recognized at Champion Status in both the Elevate Service Provider and Reseller Partner Programs. ReliaCloud is a part of OneNeck’s core technology solutions. As Nutanix’s software-defined platform with a security-first, defense-at-every-level approach, ReliaCloud is a highly secure private cloud solution backed by OneNeck’s 100% service level agreement (SLA) for availability. It was also the first hosted cloud practice to embrace Nutanix AOS™, AHV™, and the Nutanix-hosted VDI as core components of its service offering.

Prioritizing the evolution of technology and customer requirements, ReliaCloud by Nutanix was designed to boost customer experience, cost-effectiveness, and expediency of service delivery.

OneNeck’s highly certified partner status in the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program brings ongoing benefits to our customers as ReliaCloud’s comprehensive ecosystem of integrated multi-cloud services aligns and expands with the Nutanix service portfolio. This means that as our customer’s technology requirements grow, ReliaCloud powered by Nutanix grows with them. It’s always our goal to meet customers where they are with solutions that best fit their requirements, whether that be on-premise, in the cloud, or both. By offering solutions across the Nutanix portfolio, we can work together to ensure every customer’s optimal cloud experience. — Ted Wiessing, Chief Executive Officer of OneNeck.

Unlike many tech partners in the market, OneNeck is a provider that believes clients have the expertise, insight, and resources to make their strategic IT plans. The team at OneNeck only seeks to enhance the client’s efforts by creating a strong and secure technology foundation. This relieves some of the pressure from ‘transformation and modernization’ overload.

Navigating and managing the complexity of a hybrid IT environment, including on-premise and multi-cloud, is difficult. OneNeck aims to free the overworked and worried key in-house staff and enable them to focus on new and existing capabilities integral to the growth and evolution of the business.

The world will continue seeking more and better cloud services to ride the wave of growth. In scenarios like this, partnerships like OneNeck’s with Nutanix will be a crucial business boost. It will significantly elevate the level of multi-cloud services available to customers seeking greater agility and diversified services required to succeed in an always-on digital economy.