ONLC Training Center- Professional Training Classes for IT Professionals

AI Adoption is driving change in every industry including the educational sector. As one of the best innovative EdTech companies, ONLC Training is on a mission to adjust its training content and delivery formats to bring emerging AI technologies to organizations wanting to adopt Generative AI.

In an age where digitalization governs the majority of operations, ONLC Training strives to help organizations and individuals harness the full potential and power of new technologies, particularly Generative AI. The company is one of the leading Microsoft Partners in Data and AI training, as evidenced by its free Copilot Adoption Planning classes with over 15,000 enrolments, coupled with a wide range of public, open-enrollment Microsoft Certification delivered virtually and in its over 100 US training locations.

Training for groups. In addition to conducting public,  open-enrollment IT classes, ONLC provides  group training for organizations to upskill their teams or the entire workforce with AI-driven technologies. They can customize topics and create a curriculum tailored to an organization’s needs and level of AI maturity.  ONLC has provided organizations with AI awareness training for hundreds of end-users followed by more in-depth prompting training for select AI Champions within the company.

A compete portfolio of classes. ONLC is not only spearheading Microsoft software training but also offering a myriad of additional courses, including Adobe products, CompTIA certifications, and CAD software from Autodesk, to broaden the skills portfolios of organizations. Since its inception over 40 years ago, ONLC has always strived to provide top-quality IT training. The company understands the importance of balancing training time and offers a variety of class formats, including live, instructor-led classes and on-demand options. This adaptability ensures that the learning experience is tailored to unique needs and schedules, providing every client with a customized high level of service.

Responsible AI. In the area of AI, one class that sets ONLC apart is its Responsible AI course. Based on Microsoft’s six pillars of Responsible AI, this course also examines the broader social and societal impact of AI. The course explores the six pillars and highlights specific guidance that organizations can use as they think through implementing Responsible AI in their organization.  The course also illustrates specific AI programming techniques that can be used to filter inputs and outputs to keep systems in alignment to the Responsible AI goals.

We provide educational ‘scaffolding’ so people can continue to learn more if they need it for their job role. — Andy Williamson, CEO

Shorter-duration “Upskilling” classes. ONLC’s short-duration Microsoft Security Upskilling portfolio caters to the requirements of existing IT professionals who seek an overview of the main  concepts in a course in an instructor-led format, followed by self-study, as-needed.  This framework accommodates their busy schedules and acknowledges their in-role experience to make more efficient use of in-class time.

ONLC goes the extra mile to bridge the gap between current IT skills and upskilling by curating classes that are half the duration and half the price of standard four-day Microsoft courses, condensing them into a two-day format. Furthermore, topics not covered in the live instructor-led can be accessed by learners in on-demand recorded sessions. The company also offers IT professionals an efficient way to boost their security by equipping them with the latest and advanced state-of-the-art techniques for recognizing and mitigating potential threats by AI-driven hackers.

AI Adoption is not a trend but an era of continuous growth and learning. In addition to technical leaders, non-technical professionals must be empowered with the knowledge and strategies for effective AI implementation. Considering their needs, ONLC is launching its Copilot-Ready Series, a series of classes focusing on non-technical learners’ AI knowledge and skills.