onPeak – Simple, Savvy Event Accommodations

With its hospitality-centered solutions, onPeak has emerged as a leading travel and hospitality company. It designs tools and services to make hotel accommodations convenient and comfortable globally. Since the hospitality sector is volatile and unpredictable, onPeak combines its knowledge and technological prowess to provide its clients with the best assistance that gives their guests an optimal experience.

As a GES network company, onPeak aims to transform the event industry. Every hotelier relies on customer connections and premium services to meet business goals regardless of size, location, or time. onPeak, with its stellar customer support, links, and accommodation tools, maximizes room blocks and enhances hotel bookings. It designs and delivers innovative solutions and technologies compatible with different business models and layouts.

The current event landscape encounters various challenges that hinder its growth. The majority of problems faced by hoteliers arose due to the sudden global pandemic. The pandemic halted hotel services and led to a staff shortage, negatively impacting the industry. In addition, strict travel restrictions, increasing traveling costs, and regulation policies also affected the sector’s growth and development.

onPeak kept the event industry’s needs at the forefront to design unique business strategies. Its Compass Reservation System is a universally applicable propriety software that improves the hotel reservation process. Used by over 150 clients across multiple industries, Compass ensures onPeak’s clients provide a seamless and remarkable guest experience to their customers. This application efficiently reserves and manages individual reservations or group bookings using a cloud-based system, live tracking, and data-enabled software.

For more than 30 years, onPeak has been the leading provider of accommodations in the ever-evolving events industry. Booking millions of hotel rooms each year, onPeak leverages innovative technology and industry expertise to provide a one-of-a-kind hotel experience,” said Hollie Zeyher, Director of onPeak.

Compass simplifies reservations by offering clients sufficient information compactly. Guests can filter available hotels according to the price, distance, facilities, and ratings and instantly book a room. Furthermore, this tool provides customers with full-group control. They can reserve rooms of their choice without having to cancel or change their rooms later. Guests who wish to avail of personalized amenities can deliver their requests through a spreadsheet instead of manual entries.

With the help of Compass’s accelerated reporting tool, hotel data is presented in an accessible and comprehensible format. Dashboard access allows hoteliers to generate accurate insights, compare data, navigate trends, and manage the entire lifecycle process. Compass offers optimal integration services that design a convenient experience for hotel chains and guests. It combines analytics to produce registration, housing, and additional hotel insights.

Launched in 1984, onPeak possesses decades of expertise in event housing, convention housing, conference services, group reservation management, and travel management. Its tech-savvy, advanced, and simplified services enhance the hotel and guest experience. onPeak’s expert contracting team comprises expert negotiators who offer consultation services. They match guests with the perfect hotel depending on their requirements and the hotel’s facilities. The company builds strong connections and networks to generate attractive booking deals.

onPeak manages all daily hotel operations with the help of its strategic management services. Its accounting team analyses booking behaviors and compares them with previous and current insights to make suitable reservations. It equips clients with real-time inventory monitoring tools, allowing hotels to make informed decisions.

With its intelligent support solution, onPeak managed three main contact center offices. Knowledgeable and informed representatives in every office receive and solve customer problems.

onPeak’s marketing account management team creates strategic ideas to ensure seamless and uninterrupted accommodations. The company assists its clients in integrating efficient housing tools, increasing timely exposure, and boosting hotel block awareness across all platforms.

The Las Vegas, Nevada-based company provides its services and technologies to clients across the globe. One of onPeak’s clients, ASCRS, needed technology to boost its reservation rates and speed. onPeak’s Compass Reservation System enabled them to make quick and convenient bookings using cloud-backed data, real-time insights, an accessible dashboard, and live tracking. With the help of Compass, ASCRS and its teams managed their lifecycle schedules instantly and efficiently.