ONRad – Quality Driven, Full-Service Radiology Partner

Telemedicine is a field that is becoming more popular with every passing day. It needs to be said that teleradiology has played a significant role in this trend. Projected to reach USD16.29 billion in 2027, teleradiology is especially advantageous for institutions that cannot afford to have a radiologist on staff. ONRAD is a name to watch out for in the field of teleradiology solutions this season.

There might be other names in this field that have gained a reputation, but ONRAD, Inc. stands out from them all. With a business culture built on comprehensive and flexible services and priority to the people, it is no wonder that the establishment has collected accolades as a leading teleradiology vendor since 2006.

Through our joint efforts, we offer a better, stronger company that works every day to embody these values and accomplish our mission by helping customers more effectively compete in a highly saturated market,” remarks Dave Engert, CEO of ONRAD. The company has a staff of radiologists, teleradiology technologists, operations, and IT support personnel who are among the best in the industry to provide every customer with the best service possible. ONRAD can be described as a full-service radiology provider; this means that, unlike many radiology practices, the team here is built to serve the patients of other hospitals, clinics, and radiology groups either remotely or onsite.

CEO Engert claims that radiologists are the engine of the business. With only US-based, American Board-certified physicians with training from the top schools in the US on the team, the team meets every expectation that the target audience has. Be it onsite or offsite services, ONRAD radiologists and technicians are driven to deliver best-practice services only. Collaborating with ONRAD makes it possible for these talented specialists to attend to a diverse cross-section of caseloads and demands while honing their skills.

Compared to other clients ONRAD serves, hospitals receive a broader set of service solutions. Especially during the outbreak of Coronavirus, teleradiology solutions were in high demand to analyze diagnostic reports and treat patients. This period alone boosted the teleradiology industry. Simultaneously, teleradiology solutions enhanced diagnostic imaging efficiency by improving and simplifying radiology.

Through the dedicated service offered by ONRAD, the company has been consecutively accredited by the Joint Commission for 16 years. The IT systems put in place by the company also show 99.99% uptime for all the customers. The company is also fully compliant with the HITECH Act/HIPAA. The world-class partnerships that ONRAD has forged in its time of service have allowed the team extensive healthcare knowledge and time under experienced leadership.

Imaging centers are another group of clients needing the highest imaging quality and service possible. With options for full-time or incremental coverage, ONRAD offers organizations customized levels of support based on their specific needs. This also comes with the added benefit of sub-specialized and Board-Certified radiologists from ONRAD so that imaging centers can offer patients much more precise reads for even the most complicated cases in need of specialized attention.

Because it focuses on patient security and ease of use for our customers, ONRAD’s teleradiology technology has gained an edge on the technology front. ONRAD has the ultimate goal of empowering businesses with information and applying analytics to the applications they build. This ultimately mitigates risks for the customers and the company and, most importantly, enhances patient care. ONRAD’s care to provide the best, not the biggest, teleradiology service has allowed them to maintain one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.