OnviSource – Intelligent Automation Everywhere in your Enterprise

OnviSource delivers Intelligent Automation (IA) software and cloud solutions powered by its Hyperautomation platform that consists of AI, Analytics, RPA and BPA technologies. It is a progressive company that provides businesses with highly affordable success solutions for their entire customer service and business process management.

OnviSource’s IA solutions address the growing demands in improving the workforce performance, optimizing the operation of contact and fulfillment centers, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving business productivity, revenues, cost reductions and business intel.

Such growing demands have instigated 4 major and impactful trends in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) arena, including unification of RPA with Business Process Management (BPM), cognitive automation, democratization, and powering workforce optimization and customer experience management with RPA/BPA.

Conventional RPA technologies are inadequate when it comes to responding to markets’ growing demands and in performing more complex and sophisticated automation applications. Through Hyperautomation; however, one can combine the power of Artificial Intelligence, analytics, and unified RPA and BPA to deliver cognitive automation for both workflows and end-to-end business processes.

“Democratization of RPA, making it available, affordable and applicable to companies and applications of all sizes; as well as adding the BPM to automate end-to-end processes are new trends impacting the RPA arena,” stated Ray Naeini, Chairman & CEO of OnviSource.

As such trends are on the rise, OnviSource strives to extend its innovative solutions to organizations in need of end-to-end automation. Through its cutting-edge technology and unique customer programs, OnviSource empowers companies to realize significant improvement and operate more efficiently across the enterprise as they embrace the Digital Transformation.

The affordability and customization of RPA had often been a major barrier to adaptation by companies across the globe. To fill the void, OnviSource had implemented a “democratization” strategy to offer some of the lowest prices in the market with a range of flexible price models. Furthermore, OnviSource offers flexible options for delivery of its solutions as software, cloud services or any combination.

RPA often requires access to existing customer systems, including those of 3rd party vendors and some home-grown ones as well.  In the words of Ray Naeini, “A vendor’s flexibility and agility to cost-effectively deliver proper interfaces and integrations to customers’ existing infrastructure is an important factor in making the RPA solution work for customers’ specific needs.”

This is a mantra OnviSource lives by as they seek to develop solutions that are better oriented towards their customers and their specific problems. This is a concern that they address by offering pre-and-post sale programs such as free consultation, free proofs of concept and demonstration of ROIs, and free hands-on operational assistance.

Companies can now leave it to RPA to automate repetitive and often mundane tasks such that they can now upskill their employees and train them to move up in their careers. OnviSource offers proprietary products and services, including Orchestra™ in the Robotic Process Automation space.

Orchestra™ is a fully featured cognitive automation ecosystem consisting of automation administration, design studios for RPA and BPM; as well as a flexible bot execution environment on desktop or servers, and containerized or distributed.

Moreover, it allows for automation, bot operation continuity management utilizing advanced exception handling, error detection/correction, and more. Finally, the company delivers its solutions with a guarantee-to-work towards the customers’ specific problems and ROIs.

OnviSource has helped its clients and partners overcome hurdles as they attained the desired results through their innovative solutions. Listed below are two case studies in which OnviSource proved its potential in the field of RPA.

  • T-Mobile – End-to-End Customer Journey Solution: Its deployment to a division of T-Mobile, called Metro by T-Mobile, had been a true success story in “Intelligent Automation”. Its solutions offer Intelligent Call Routing (ICR) employed before service, automated customer interaction analytics used during service, and automated and analytics-driven customer surveys conducted after service.  Using these solutions, Metro by T-Mobile covers over 18 million subscribers and supports 4 BPOs with 7 contact center sites housing several thousand agents.
  • Proztec – End-to-End Invoice Processing: Through their partner, Proztec, OnviSource has automated the invoice processing for a large dairy company, processing thousands of invoices and automating all tasks from receiving the invoices to placing them in the customer’s SAP system.

With a vision of delivering intelligent automation everywhere in an enterprise and a mission of making its intelligent automation work for companies of all sizes, OnviSource aspires to create a positive difference with intelligently automated technologies, IA solutions, affordable pricing, and guarantees.

OnviSource seeks to constantly upgrade itself as it continually expands its AI technology to address more analytics and cognitive automation. The company also looks to expand its pre-packaged and vertical automation applications in BFSI, healthcare, and other major industries.

It is also working to continue its expansion through key partnerships and the pursuit to acquire small or startup companies with unique AI and automation technologies to augment the performance of its platform and leave an indelible mark in the realm of RPA.

OnviSource and its employees abide by an unwavering value system and operate in a true extended family environment. Mr. Naeini expressed his gratitude for his employees by saying, “Our employees did an amazing job enduring the COVID-19 crisis, emerging from it stronger than before while helping to establish a robust platform for our growth. I am truly honored and proud to be part of OnviSource.”