Origami Risk – Integrated Insurance, Risk, Safety, and Compliance Solutions

Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) frameworks assist a company in aligning its information technology with business objectives while managing risk and ensuring regulatory compliance. GRC encompasses more than simply governance, risk, and compliance; it also encompasses assurance and performance management. In fact, GRC frameworks’ scopes are expanding to include information quality management, security management, ethics and values management, and business continuity management.

GRC enables businesses to successfully manage IT and security risks, cut costs, and comply with regulations. Origami Risk’s cloud-based platform is developed and implemented to pull clients’ risk data; exposures, losses, assessments, surveys, and audits, into one central repository. The service assists consumers in lowering their risk costs. This means that all risk-management institutions, such as insurance firms, brokers, and claims adjusters, have access to the data.

Origami Risk offers integrated SaaS solutions that can help organizations—including insured corporate and public entities, insurers, brokers and risk consultants, third-party claims administrators (TPAs), and others—transform their framework for managing critical workflows, harnessing analytics, and interacting with stakeholders.

The service department of Origami is in charge of implementing the software across a wide range of customer organizations. In Crain’s 2018 100 “Best Places to Work in Chicago” list, Origami Risk was voted #1 overall and #1 mid sized firm.

Enterprise cloud computing, previously regarded to be a unique notion, has been widely adopted by businesses of all sizes. Scalability, security, and flexibility are all provided by cloud-based apps at a fraction of the expense of systems that require continual hardware and software investment merely to keep up.

However, not all cloud-based technology is created equal. This is where Origami Risk is transforming the industry. Origami Risk is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform for managing, analyzing, and automating risk, claims, policy, and safety data. Because of Origami’s multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) design, all customers are on the same code version and benefit from best-in-class security, trouble-free updates, proven reliability, and seamless integrations, regardless of how the system is set up.

  • Robert G. Petrie, the founder and CEO of Origami Risk, said in an interview, “As an enterprise, we’ve recognized from the beginning that Origami is not only a software company but also a talent organization that depends on the skills, enthusiasm, and creativity of the people who work here.”

To help secure the security of client data at all times, the company uses real-time intrusion detection and prevention systems, penetration testing, and data encryption. To ensure that clients receive the highest levels of data security, Origami uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-hosting environment. In addition, Origami Risk adheres to strict SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, and NIST 800-53 security procedures.

Origami’s platform is highly flexible, which means that all of its solutions may be quickly customized to meet an organization’s unique business goals, whatever they may be. It’s also backed by a team of risk and insurance technology experts that can provide vital advice during deployment and are dedicated to ensuring that clients get the most out of Origami Risk.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), RMIS, Health & Safety (EHS), Claims, Policy Administration, Underwriting, and Data Analytics Tools are all part of Origami Risk’s comprehensive platform of risk and insurance products. It enables organizations to easily integrate workflows, aggregate data across disciplines, analyze it, and act on insights to produce massive efficiencies; all from a single system.

Origami Risk is committed to developing, implementing, and maintaining risk management and insurance core system technology solutions. Its solutions are developed based on a unique emphasis on helping its clients achieve their business objectives. The company’s software is backed by a world-class service team of risk and insurance experts with a unique combination of industry understanding and technology expertise.