Orion Governance – SAAS-based data management platform for enterprises

As an award-winning intelligent data management company, Orion Governance is named after one of the most recognizable constellations in the sky.  Its mission is to be a disruptor in the data management space by leveraging automation, machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI) to provide a vendor-/technology-agnostic platform with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Since its founding in 2017, the Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) platform has been adopted by Global 5000 companies in a variety of industries, including banking insurance, retail, healthcare, telecom and information technology to help them overcome business challenges and achieve regulatory compliance, cloud migration/legacy modernization, digital transformation, and data governance. Clients work with Orion’s customer success teams and network of partners worldwide to deploy EIIG and consolidate siloed data sources along with fragmented data management tools into one self-defined data fabric.

As data grows exponentially and data assets are often siloed, enterprises face the daunting challenge of unlocking the value out of their data quickly and efficiently. With data management and data governance at the forefront of most organizations’ business priorities, customers are looking to adopt a data fabric, or an architecture and set of data services that could provide consistent capabilities across a choice of endpoints spanning hybrid multi-cloud environments. According to Gartner, “A data fabric utilizes continuous analytics over existing, discoverable and inferenced metadata assets to support the design, deployment, and utilization of integrated and reusable data across all environments, including hybrid and multi-cloud platforms.”

A data fabric, in other words, starts with gathering, organizing, and making use of metadata assets. What metadata to ingest and how to ingest it is essential to the success of a data fabric. Orion’s unique bottom-up, fact-based, metadata ingestion approach creates what is called a “self-defined” data fabric that delivers discoverable, trusted, and reusable data.

Orion further sets itself ahead of the competition by offering the broadest support of technologies. EIIG ingests more than 60 different technologies, from mainframe systems like the AS400 to programming languages like COBOL, Java, and Python, as well as modern tech stacks including Azure, AWS, Snowflake, GCP and Databricks in addition to traditional technologies like z/OS and ETLs. Once metadata is ingested, EIIG automatically stitches a near real-time, self-defined data fabric. This translates to EIIG producing the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry, providing the visualizations necessary to catalog, trace, trust and analyze while promoting confidence, transparency, and governance of the enterprise’s data assets and IT landscape.

Using ML/AI, Orion’s EIIG unifies data, connects business terminology, and creates a data catalog of all assets. By connecting the dots, it allows customers to make more informed decisions in near real-time. With process flows, data flows and active metadata, EIIG produces a knowledge graph that automatically provides end-to-end traceability, impact analysis, cataloging, connection to business concepts, policies, and rules with zero impact to production systems in near real-time.

The second major data management market need is the desire to leverage graph technology for active metadata. Named by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in Graph Technologies, EIIG has leveraged its graph technology and ML to become an active metadata leader by automatically building a data catalog with a search capability and organizing metadata for quick analysis, collaboration, process/change management and consumption. EIIG’s approach clarifies meanings and allows for trust to be built and propagated across the data supply chain.

Unlike other tool vendors, EIIG builds and integrates all key data management and governance capabilities such as code- and column-level data lineage, data catalogs, and metadata analytics natively on a single platform presented in a dynamic knowledge graph. With AI/ML-powered automation, EIIG minimizes human intervention and enables fact-based, more accurate, and timely decision making.

One of the popular use cases is to allow enterprises to control and accelerate their modernization or cloud migration projects. EIIG enables migration assessment by studying a customer’s business goals, data assets, and plans. The platform develops a catalog compiling various data asset components, such as code, reports, metrics, and dimensions. It helps determine what data assets can be reused, which data assets are most valuable, and which data assets are sensitive so that project managers can prioritize migration accordingly. Secondly, EIIG implements impact analysis and change management by allowing customers to understand change impact quickly. Additionally, EIIG also creates solutions to fix data bloat issues. It automatically identifies and eliminates stale and duplicate assets–code, reports and tables.

Orion implies a hunter mentality and  the rising in the sky and dawning. We named our company Orion to be a disruptor in data management as we strive to serve as an operating system for data-centered and data-driven companies by revolutionizing data applications and providing real-time insights that help optimize business outcomes,” said Ramesh Shurma, CEO of Orion Governance.

Using tools adhering to regulatory policies is an obstacle for most companies as it is challenging to find solutions that comply with regulations. However, EIIG ensures regulatory compliance by tracing IT assets using a knowledge graph to prevent potential policy violations and subsequent charges. With its automatic data collection services, Orion Governance’s platform reduces operational costs and increases efficiency. Self-defined data fabric minimizes human dependency, and EIIG delivers automated data analysis, identification, mapping, and recognition, thereby reducing manual intervention. Less manual work decreases the capital and resources required for data management and governance.

Another Orion customer, a health insurer, was preparing for a HIPAA compliance audit. However, their mainframe systems provided them with member demographic information, which posed a challenge. The customer needed to generate reports of sufficient controls of HIPAA-related details to clear the audit successfully. Using Orion Governance’s platform, EIIG, the customer could access information from the mainframe systems and turn it into a clear, visualized form within weeks. EIIG and Orion Governance’s team of experts made information accessible in quick time, resulting in a successful audit.

With EIIG, Orion Governance allows its clients to improve their operations. Unlike conventional tools that take years, EIIG unlocks data within weeks. In addition to saving time and capital, EIIG also enables auto-discovery mode, which makes it efficient for companies to access accurate and relevant data. Powered by AI/ML, EIIG incorporates automated active metadata analysis to provide clients with flexible, reusable and augmented data. The augmented data provided by EIIG enhances data quality and displays data quality points at every stage across multiple systems — on-premise and cloud. EIIG also sets up a centralized knowledge graph that breaks down silos and creates situational awareness in real-time to solve the problem of graph-enabled metadata management.