ORTEC – We leverage data & mathematics to improve your business and the world around you

Supply chain organizations depend on planning and forecasting data to conduct their operations. Accurate data allows them to map routing solutions, optimize performance, reduce transportation costs, and customize the supply chain design. However, the lack of required tools hinders business growth. As a leading planning and forecasting solution provider, ORTEC provides its clients with tailored software, programming, data science, and consulting tools to improve their business.

The planning and forecasting landscape, as a whole, faces various challenges. For instance, the recent volatility in the supply chain has raised concerns for advanced planning and forecasting analysis and increased the need for relevant data extraction and utilization. ORTEC aims to solve these challenges by using advanced mathematics and analytics. ORTEC combines its existing software platforms with its expertise to develop custom, practical, logical, and mathematical solutions and provide them to different industries.

In addition to the planning and forecasting space being affected, the industries within it face their own issues. Despite their unique challenges, every industry shares common problems, such as facing tying demand to their final mile capacity, controlling resource volatility to ensure positive customer service, and effectively creating a strategic plan based on previous data and performances. ORTEC creates solutions that combat both shared and unique industry concerns.

ORTEC understands each company’s business goals, models, strategies, and vision to assess its baseline. ORTEC then configures its existing solutions to create tailored ideas and works with customers to design a business-focused action plan. Instead of solely focusing on the entire journey, ORTEC follows a sales process approach. Anyone can sell software, but ORTEC’s ability to build and maintain partnerships and design an impact approach sets it apart.

We have experienced incredible growth through our strong customer partnerships that have allowed us to create the next generation of analytics.  Our next generation of analytics features an advanced control tower that clearly shows product adoption, change management, and potential resistance, which takes us into the critical management of organizational behavior—not just software results,” said Jeff Bailey, CEO, ORTEC.

ORTEC leverages data and mathematics to improve businesses and planning and forecasting. It provides advanced analytics to its customers that make business models efficient, improve customer service, improve their internal and external functions, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, control supply chain costs, and build sustainable strategies.

As a part of its partnership approach, ORTEC thoroughly reviews and analyses customer data and needs to design solutions that enable dynamic time slotting, strategic territory planning, daily dynamic routing and execution, advanced performance analysis, and 3-D palletization and load building optimization.

With over 40 years of experience, ORTEC displays an impressive catalog of case studies. Its solutions and strategies have helped industries overcome planning and forecasting challenges globally, improve customer experience, and enhance the supply chain. For ORTEC, partnering—first-generation vs. second-generation—is one of the most crucial points. As many supply chain organizations understand the need for better tools and software, they partner with ORTEC to replace first-generation software solutions with the latest and most advanced tools.

ORTEC is more than a vendor; it is a partner. The company believes in following a customer-centric approach by understanding its clients’ needs and holding itself accountable for their business models and objectives. ORTEC ensures its clients achieve their desired results through regular customer strategy discussions, detailed performance audits, and customized training programs.

As a global company serving the world’s most renowned organizations, ORTEC partners with them to design tools and platforms that suit their unique needs. With offices in 13 countries, ORTEC has over 1,000 experienced and skilled employees that work diligently to assist 1,200 customers. The company constantly designs advanced tools and expands its internal teams to accelerate growth and improve performance.