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The pandemic has altered how businesses recruit employees and how their employees’ work. Millions of people worldwide turned from working in an office to working from home, and many companies learned that remote working offers major benefits, including the ability to access skills and talent from anywhere.

However, many organizations were not equipped to handle employees and teams across multiple locations because, despite the obvious advantages of remote working for employers and employees alike, hiring from anywhere is incredibly difficult to do compliantly, safely, and securely.

Outstaffer.com solves this problem by making it simple for businesses of all sizes to find, hire, and employ talent from around the world.

Thomas Derum founded Outstaffer.com in 2020 to change the way organizations outsource and make it easier for them to hire and employ global employees. Since then, it has quickly progressed from a startup-challenger to a leader in Global Employment and #WorkFromAnywhere technology. It now stands tall with over two hundred employees and continues to grow every day across 8 countries.

The approach by Outstaffer.com has been to continually evolve and help other companies solve their difficulties in recruiting, employing, and supporting workers in other countries while remaining compliant with international labor laws.

“Skilled talent is in demand more than ever. We realized that the issue wasn’t a lack of talent but rather a lack of access to global talent. At Outstaffer.com, we don’t just enable business of all sizes to hire globally by handling local payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance; we also leverage our global recruitment team to find talent and provide everything your employees needs to work from anywhere safely and securely,” says Thomas Derum, CEO  

Traditionally, the only way for companies to take advantage of the global talent pool and hire employees from different countries was to set up legal entities in those locations. So, for example, if a company wanted to hire twenty employees from three different locations, they’d have to start legal entities in all five of those countries.

Unsurprisingly, that process is time-intensive, costly, and incredibly complex. Outstaffer.com eliminates these hurdles by serving as the Employer of Record (EOR) for companies looking to hire abroad. With local legal entities in each of the countries it serves, Outstaffer.com is able to take care of payroll, benefits, taxes, onboarding, and compliance, so companies can focus on building their business.

With their Employer of Record services, Outstaffer.com uses its local entities to legally employ employees aboard and assumes all liability related to their employment. They also use their local resources, extensive global talent bank, and multiple digital channels to source, screen, interview, and find the right talent for its clients, enabling them to build the best teams on the planet.

Something that makes Outstaffer’s offerings really unique is that the employees still work directly with the companies themselves like a direct employee, so they stay connected to their colleagues and the business. In short, Outstaffer.com handles the recruitment and employment logistics so companies can hire internationally without having to start their own legal entity or using an outsourcer.

However, HR woes aren’t the only hurdles with hiring abroad. Companies also have to protect their intellectual property (IP) and data while sharing information with their dispersed teams. This can be challenging when the employees are in another country. Outstaffer.com has a solution for this, too.

Through managed laptops, unified communication solutions, and workforce attendance and monitoring tools, Outstaffer.com provides international employees with everything they need to work. Their suite of #WorkFromAnywhere tools is backed by enterprise-grade security solutions to ensure their customers’ IP and data are safeguarded from cyberattacks, breaches, and unauthorized access. Companies also retain full ownership of their employee’s IP including invention rights.

These managed #WorkFromAnywhere tools not only keep companies safe, but they also empower international employees by giving them the tools they need to work productively.

As an add-on to these tools, and device-as-a-service solutions, Outstaffer.com also offers Virtual Reality Workplaces to further bridge the gap between employees working in the office and employees working remotely. Thomas Derum envisions one day soon instead of going to the office or jumping onto their laptop from anywhere, employees working from anywhere will simply put on a headset or glasses, and they’d all be together in their virtual workplaces.

“When people think of VR, they don’t realise the new VR devices coming out in the next few years will be just like a pair of glasses, but when they put them on, they’ll be in the same workplace as their colleagues, but their VR workplace may be on a space station orbiting Jupiter or wherever else they want it. You will talk, collaborate, and work together with your workmates just like at a physical office, but from anywhere in the world. The office as we know it will become obsolete and VR will become the future of remote work.” says Thomas Derum, CEO  

While its origins are in Australia, the entire team at Outstaffer.com works remotely from around the world, including Australia, Canada, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Ukraine, and the USA. It firmly believes that employees do their best work when they are free to choose where they want to work. This is why it offers permanent work-from-home solutions to all its employees worldwide.

In the past, only large enterprises could afford to have employees in different countries while small to medium business had to outsource to third party vendors, which is also complex, time-consuming, and expensive with limited control. Outstaffer.com has changed this dynamic. By opening its own local entities in every country where it operates with people on the ground, Outstaffer.com offers a fantastic experience for its clients and their employees while keeping costs low through its flat fee recurring subscription model, allowing even the smallest companies to find, hire and employ skilled global talent they normally could not access.

From 2022 and beyond, Outstaffer.com plans to expand to another 20 counties and make it even easier for businesses of all sizes to find, hire, employ and retain talented employees from around the world.