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Several enterprises around the world are embracing the idea of alternative cloud providers. Competitive concerns and a need to steer clear of expensive and complex cloud technology are the main factors driving a global cloud revolution that favors alternative cloud technology.

OVHcloud US® is an alternative cloud provider rooted in history as a European cloud leader, where it was originally founded in 1999 in France. It is now poised for strong growth in North America through its U.S. business unit. As an alternative cloud provider, OVHcloud falls into a small group of fewer than two dozen worldwide cloud providers positioned against the big five hyperscalers.

Since its inception, OVHcloud’s philosophy has been unique in challenging the complexity of the hyperscaler platforms and their proprietary technologies that result in surprising hidden costs when making any changes or moving or storing additional data. OVHcloud has a commitment to creating a level playing field for the cloud and the opportunity for businesses of any size to leverage its advantages in our ever-advancing digital world.

Migrating to the cloud is not a one-stop solution – even companies that have already migrated their data often rethink their approach or move applications and data to alternative solutions due to the unpredictable rising costs of hyperscaler solutions. OVHcloud takes a more personalized, customized approach to solving complex problems for clients, offering a set of services that emphasizes simplicity, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, predictability, and ease of use.

OVHcloud’s world-class performance, transparent pricing, minimal downtime, and stellar efficiency enable CTOs, CIOs and IT teams to focus on the most important things for their business without worrying about staggering expenses. In fact, the company doesn’t charge for the ingress or egress of data or API calls, so clients have the opportunity to keep their costs low with OVHcloud solutions.

Most importantly, OVHcloud goes above and beyond to tackle the latest challenges in the industry, from taking measures to strengthen customer data privacy to offering diverse options compatible with the cost, performance, and governance requirements of different workloads, in line with the company’s vision of truly flexible solutions.

“For us, flexibility is in our DNA, so we make that as easy as possible. OVHcloud US focuses on providing key applications our customers need and ask for, rather than having hundreds of applications that require continuous upskilling to use,” says Jeffrey Gregor, General Manager of OVHcloud US.

OVHcloud’s diverse clients are at the forefront of change in their respective industries, stimulating and empowering the company to adapt and create innovative solutions for its customers. With a mission to foster an open ecosystem where users, developers, administrators, coders, and operators are in control of their data. Its secure, cost-effective, and cutting-edge solutions are designed for an open cloud, where customers not only thrive but also have the freedom to choose without being constrained by vendor lock-in.

The company has curated a strategic and comprehensive product roadmap that features bare-metal, hosted private cloud, public cloud and Platform-as-a-Service solutions. While this portfolio of top-notch solutions positions OVHcloud as unique even among alternative cloud companies, its bare-metal cloud is particularly noteworthy since its bare-metal servers are the cornerstone of its approach to the cloud.

As in on-premise environments, customers can deploy bare metal servers and customize them to unique specifications based on their needs, including options for high IOPS disks, GPUs, and BIOS-level access, while DDoS protection and unlimited traffic are standard for dedicated servers. Most configurations are ready to go within two to four minutes. OVHcloud offers three ranges of bare metal servers to meet the needs and price points of different clients.

The powerful Enterprise-class of bare metal servers are equipped with the latest technology and offer high service level agreements and uptime. The Business range features processors that enable users to build infrastructure for development and production environments. The Eco range comprises second- and third-life servers best adapted to suit a wide variety of uses for those who need reliability at a great price.

OVHcloud leverages the powerful capabilities of VMware in a unified architecture to help customers address different use cases, including disaster recovery, backup, and on-demand capacity, using the expertise with which they are already well-acquainted. The OVHcloud private cloud stack, based off the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP), has been designed to offer operational functionality, continuous protection, and enhanced efficiency.

OVHcloud powered by VMware also offers comprehensive access to vSphere vCenter, which uses familiar on-prem technologies. Automation monitors the host and deploys a new host if the heartbeat is not detected. This allows clusters to cool off and recalibrate with the goal of keeping your business up and running. OVHcloud users can mix and match storage options wherein vSAN hosts and non-vSAN hosts can be paired, or vSAN can be attached to NFS datastores to add more storage.

Other distinctive standard features that set OVHcloud apart from its competitors include a system health monitoring utility called vROps (vRealize Operations) that preemptively highlights issues to guide users in the right direction while troubleshooting. OVHcloud vRack solution facilitates the connection, isolation, or separation of OVHcloud services, enabling users to build complex private infrastructures on a global scale. And advanced DDoS protection comes free of charge and has the proven capacity to mitigate attacks up to 1.3 terabytes per second in size, with the help of a combined edge, backbone, and data center network logic.

“Security is our top priority. Our customers and partners trust us with their vital data, projects and business. We live up to this trust by never compromising when it comes to security and compliance. Each relevant team is involved with adapted security objectives,” says Gregor.

Undoubtedly, OVHcloud is at the forefront of a data revolution, with some exciting new offerings, including its Managed Kubernetes and PaaS solutions. This highly flexible and scalable cloud computing service helps teams outsource their development platform. Developers can build apps using their choice of programming language or framework and run any type of app, whether it be a web or mobile app, an Internet of Things (IoT) app, or an application programming interface (API) that connects apps and systems.

From the start, OVHcloud has been dedicated to being innovative and sustainable by design  – minimizing environmental impact while driving up performance. The company is dedicated to reducing IT components waste, optimizing data center energy consumption, and innovating for more efficient cooling systems – a practice that is highly needed in the eco-conscious world we live in today. Vertical integration, security, transparency, price predictability, flexibility, and reversibility are all pillars on which OVHcloud is built. With these key qualities at the heart of every solution it creates, it is championing the way toward an alternative cloud world where companies can make the most of digital transformation.