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From hearing aids to cars, countless objects rely on batteries as a source of power. What determines the capacities and longevities of batteries in different shapes and sizes is the technology behind them. While the world is accustomed to over-the-counter blister packs of AA batteries, these electrochemical devices are more diverse and specialized than one realizes. When it comes to electric mobility P3 stays ahead with its consulting service offering around the electric powertrain and charging solutions.

Founded in 1996, this Stuttgart-based company branched out from a prestigious technical university. They have made a name for themselves by advising and implementing customer-centric solutions in the face of complex technological challenges, catering to unique customer needs and requirements and supporting them.

What sets P3 apart is their even-handed approach to technical and managerial expertise. Their core capabilities cover all aspects and components of electric mobility, from lithium-ion and solid-state batteries to cell development and recycling, including round, pouch, and prismatic cells; from the best-in-class charging technology to charge the electric powertrain to manufacturing processes and planning, and cost analysis and benchmarking.

At P3, you will find application-oriented expertise and technology know-how tailored to automotive and mobility applications. — Simon Buderath, Partner at P3 USA, Inc.

P3 handles full-spectrum battery technology consulting, from the raw material market to cell design and benchmarks, from supply chain to manufacturing planning and implementation. Esteemed consummate engineers and chemists combine their prowess to support their customers by developing, sourcing, and manufacturing of innovative cells and batteries for various applications. Because some use cases and products have specific requirements, they cannot run on store-bought batteries. This is where P3 solves their problems, based on intensive market assessments and studying the customer’s project, they set the right market strategy, ensuring that products matching the requirements, and are ultimately ready for production.

The cathode, anode, electrolyte, separator, and casing are the essentials of a battery. For the battery to function, these components must be made of particular elements like lithium metal oxides, graphite, organic solvents, and ceramic bands, to name a few. P3 has proven to be a reliable guide and support, helping customers understand the value chain and find partners suitable for their brand. If a local value chain is desired, the company presents alternative sources or technologies for their customers’ use cases. They also offer cost analysis services on cell and pack level so that customers can assess the feasibility of the project upon considering their budget.

P3 maintains an extensive and updated database of screened suppliers of raw materials and battery components from across the world. If prototype- or large-scale cell production is required, the company plans and supports the site selection and implementation of factories in various countries.

Hybrid and electric passenger cars are undoubtedly the first machines that come to mind when one thinks of electric mobility. Besides that, battery powered vehicles are becoming more and more popular in other markets, such as commercial vehicles, agriculture, and construction. P3 considers buildability, cell performance, overall safety, and cost when assessing electric solutions. Although vehicle batteries have made huge steps in development during the recent years, the interaction of all powertrain components must be managed to increase their lifespan and durability. With this in mind, P3 offers support to maximize the overall safety, efficiency and performance of an electric vehicle.

P3 knows all too well that batteries do not operate in isolation but as an integral component of an often complex charging infrastructure, what they call ‘the nerves of the electric mobility.’ Abreast of the trends and best practices in both, Hardware and Software, they assist in conceptualizing, developing, and implementing charging infrastructure products.

The automotive and mobility sectors are at the height of innovation, profitability, and complexity. The expertise and knowledge from companies like P3 are invaluable for premium and custom applications.