Pairsoft – Procure-to-Pay Software

PairSoft is a global leader in providing financial automation solutions. It improves efficiency and work pace with the help of automation thus allowing businesses to spend more energy on making a positive, impactful, and long-lasting difference in their communities.

The platform allows users to gain real-time visibility and control over their spending and accounting. It helps in consolidating and digitizing manual operations like purchasing, logging accounts payable (AP), and generating invoices – all this while eliminating data entry errors and paper-based procedures. Businesses all around the world have come to trust PairSoft to optimize their supplier relationships.

PairSoft was founded in March 2021, as a result of the merger between PaperSave, a hybrid document management solution (DMS), and Paramount Workplace, a cloud-based procurement management solution. Due to this collaboration, PairSoft has developed true integrations with trusted ERPs such as Microsoft Dynamics, Blackbaud, NetSuite, and Sage Intacct, so users don’t have to switch between tools to complete their tasks.

Maintaining organized files is a necessity in business, but the cost and time invested in paper-based processes typically outweigh the return on investment (ROI). The PairSoft platform brings the perfect solution to this issue. It eliminates the need for manual data entry, streamlines document management processes, and saves time and money for any business that uses its services. PairSoft’s document management solutions preserve around 20% to 30% of the time employees spend filing, searching, and retrieving documents.

In addition, with PairSoft, a company can also go green and meet its sustainability goals by eliminating unnecessary paper-based processes. All documents can be easily converted to electronic formats using PairSoft’s document management system. The employees can collect all relevant information in a single repository and share it anytime, anywhere. It simplifies the compilation of reports, allowing the managers to prepare for audits in less time and with increased efficiency.

The key feature of PairSoft is its ERP integration, which offers intuitive capture options, email integration, and native application integration. This enables the user to easily capture forms using existing hardware, extract attachments from the inbox, and embed the PairSoft solution into native applications like NetSuite ERP or Intacct Accounting software.

Using built-in paper capture methods and software integrations, PairSoft can collect documents from various business offices in the world, and also prevent the misplacement of these documents, which is common while using traditional paper-based methods. Employees, partners, and third-party vendors may quickly and easily access essential information from a range of other platforms already in use. Users can find exactly what they need, and even discover related content, owing to PairSoft, a single site for all document storage. Document search and retrieval are made easy with the help of features such as SmartList integration and its structured and unstructured search.

When it comes to ordering fulfillment, the user can utilize the various order fulfillment apps with PairSoft to capture documents “in the field.” The PairSoft platform automatically recognizes the completion of a work order. This automated process eliminates inefficiencies and delays by reducing any kind of errors.

PairSoft actively aims to provide businesses with touchless end-to-end procurement, spend management, and finance solutions. Companies can expend more time thinking strategically and less time doing tedious tasks. PairSoft handles thousands of requisitions, purchase orders, check requests, and credit card transactions with ease, all because of their cutting-edge technological innovations.

“Artificial intelligence and human intelligence are working together and continuing to evolve. Additionally, there is a tremendous need for automation to be leveraged across companies, processes, and quality assurance,” says Mr. Mark Cotter, CEO of PairSoft

At a time when so many businesses are focusing on digital transformation, it’s up to B2B FinTech solutions to help them reassess their customer success strategies. PairSoft aims to embrace the chance to value the success of its clients by continuously adding more features that support B2B payments, standardizing user experience, creating seamless interfaces, and introducing high-level organizational capabilities like predictive analytics.