Panduit – Network Infrastructure and Industrial Electrical Wiring

Sustainability and growth walk hand-in-hand in today’s digital landscape. Spearheading this revolution, Panduit is building a robust foundation for organizations to develop connectivity strategies and ensure scalability, security, and long-term growth. With innovative and advanced products and solutions, Panduit is on a mission to help companies achieve their business goals.

Being a leading CISCO solution provider, Panduit delivers end-to-end networks and offers power visibility across organizational infrastructure and networks to assist clients in their sustainability journey.

Panduit is a reliable CISCO partner that helps enterprises navigate the digital world while meeting security and compliance network requirements. After spending over twenty years empowering organizations to transition into updated networks seamlessly, Panduit’s CISCO solutions are heading toward a new direction, entering the zone of strategies and sustainability and venturing into solutions beyond network infrastructure.

With its CISCO smart building solutions, Panduit equips companies with connected devices, such as lights, security, HVAC, and AV, which merge on the IP network where they interact, obtain actionable data, and boost operational efficiency. Panduit’s network solutions charge high-performing networks, enabling them to maintain device connectivity and deliver voice and data wherever required.

Panduit allows workplace connection and collaboration using Atlona active devices and structured cabling. The company also equips customers with optimized power, cooling, space, and connectivity in facility data centers. It also creates a comprehensive enterprise network for robust, fast, and reliable network performance to connect people, technology, and information. Furthermore, with Panduit’s CISCO solutions, organizations can extend data and power to a network’s edge with a single-pair Ethernet.

We have a great strategy, an incredibly talented and dedicated workforce, and an innovative culture that is continually looking to create value for our customers. — Shannon McDaniel, CEO

Panduit follows a customer-centric approach and ensures its solutions cater to unique customer needs. The integration of CISCO Nexus Dashboard and Panduit’s iPDU provides organizations with valuable and relevant data to speed their sustainability goals in achieving Net Zero, regardless of whether the business model is new or old. Moreover, this integration will allow customers to track energy expenses, usage, and sustainability metrics on-site, in different equipment, or at the PDU-output level, letting companies reduce costs and optimize their sustainability methods.

Enterprises often struggle to determine which fiber optic transceiver best fits their needs. Panduit considered various factors, such as the proper link length, fiber optics supporting 40G, 100G, and 400G, and additional components to complete the fiber channel, to design customizable fiber optic solutions, making fiber optic upgradation from 10 to 400G more accessible and affordable.

Additionally, Panduit’s CISCO solutions equip organizations with best cabling practices for Wi-Fi 6 and beyond by deploying a PoE cabling infrastructure that supports wireless and switching upgrades for the next two decades.

Industrial Ethernet networking is fueling technology applications across industries. Panduit offers CISCO solutions, services, and architectures that help enterprises minimize and mitigate risks, improve operational efficiency, boost performance, increase reliability, and successfully incorporate Ethernet and IP solutions. Furthermore, the CISCO Catalyst 9606R Switches support enterprise clouds and business transformations when deployed in storage networks.

Moreover, Panduit’s approach to passive optical LAN through CISCO solutions assists companies in gradually and cost-efficiently modifying their LAN using the same access node and in-building cabling while ensuring the devices undergo minimal changes.

Panduit has a comprehensive portfolio displaying its CISCO solutions and how they have helped organizations worldwide. One of Panduit’s clients, an Indiana, USA-based university, wanted a reliable and constantly available wireless infrastructure to boost the university’s teaching, learning, research, and outreach platforms.

Panduit implemented a structured cabling system solution, which created a robust and scalable infrastructure that increased network performance, availability, and productivity, built a dynamic academic experience for students, and developed a secure networking route across campus buildings.