PAR – Single-Source POS, Data Management & Loyalty Systems

As one of the leading POS solution providers, PixelPoint aims to transform industries working with food-related services. Times are changing; consumer demands are constantly evolving. Restaurants must equip themselves with the latest technologies to meet consumer requirements. PixelPoint ensures its clients walk hand-in-hand with industry changes for a satisfied customer base and thriving business.

Today’s food sector is governed by various factors that affect its operations. Despite technological advancements, restaurants lack the connectivity or intelligence needed for unified solutions. With labor demand, fluctuating consumer patterns, and, more recently, the global pandemic, dealing with multiple vendors adds to complex business operations. Furthermore, identifying integration issues becomes challenging, affecting performance and reliability.

PixelPoint finds a centralized solution to integrated technologies, whether between two tools or more. The company’s PAR POS software allows restaurants to implement a unified, data-driven network through every step. From receiving orders to kitchen functions, PAR enables food industries to provide optimum guest service instead of managing multiple vendors. PAR’s versatility makes it the perfect solution for all restaurants and entertainment concepts, regardless of size or customer base. Its customizable and personalized configuration adapts to individual business needs.

The traditional POS system does not accommodate present-day transaction requirements. Today, restaurants process transactions across multiple channels. They need software to connect brands across various interfaces, such as online and in-app. Omnichannel consumers expect quick and seamless multi-channel engagement without long waiting times, multiple logins, scattered payment options, and non-personalized services. Brands often face issues designing an omnichannel that satisfies consumer expectations. PixelPoint, through PA POS products, assists businesses by providing a centralized platform.

We are the partner enterprise restaurants rely on when they need to serve amazing moments from open to close, during the most hectic rush hours, and when the world forces them to adapt and overcome,” said Savneet Singh, CEO and President of PixelPoint.

PAR syncs all channels, delivers a one-to-one snapshot of consumers, and drafts personalized messages for all of them, regardless of order location or time. PA POS products develop an open API and over 200 integration partners.

With over 40 years of experience, PixelPoint provides its services globally and deploys more than 500,000 terminals at each center. The New York-based company is compatible with all hardware platforms, ensuring well-integrated applications and lower product support prices. PixelPoint POS helps its clients deliver excellent patron services with proper staff training. PixelPoint’s products incorporate an advanced inventory for managing food costs and inventory through features like tracking product sales, monitoring items, and placing and receiving purchase orders.

PixelPoint’s menu management features simplify complex menu layouts, allowing restaurants to design unlimited menus for all restaurant settings, sell-ins, and sell-outs or providing more options to add and remove items. PixelPoint’s clients can build and expand their customer base by studying their behaviors, creating marketing programs, implementing reward systems, and offering product coupons. With its labor management services, PixelPoint reduces labor costs and controls staffing levels.

An unorganized payment system is a frequent customer complaint. PixelPoint’s credit card management tools serve all payment options, including cash, credit card, cheques, gift cards, and on-account for suppliers. If restaurants need to monitor their progress, the reporting feature enables them to generate hundreds of detailed reports. With its reservation and table management services, PixelPoint allows better reservation management and ensures customer satisfaction through customer paging, seat warming, and table status indicators.

PixelPoint has extended its products and services to restaurants across the globe. Bowlmor AMF, the largest global bowling center operator, contacted PixelPoint for its bowling centers. The bowling center operator chose PAR’s PixelPoint® software and EverServ® 500 hardware for better flexibility and integrated solutions. The PAR solution allowed Bowlmor AMF to adapt to various requirements by managing multiple ordering methods on a single platform.