Pay Retailers – Your payment platform in Latin America

Data show that a smooth payment process can significantly impact customer satisfaction and sales conversion rates. PayRetailers offers a fast, efficient, and secure payment solution for merchants operating in Latin America, helping them create a user-friendly payment experience that can contribute to their success.

There is no singular payment option; customers use different methods depending on their location and preference. PayRetailers’ state-of-the-art technology allows merchants to offer a seamless checkout process by accepting various payment methods. The payment solution provider analyzes factors essential to find the quickest transaction routes, such as geographical location, available banks, currencies, devices, and risk assessment.

PayRetailers’ real-time monitoring enables tracking results and optimizing payment processes according to client requirements. The company works with merchants to design a robust payment structure, locally and globally. Merchants use PayRetailers’ integration tools to access a strong network of payment providers across Latin American markets, such as PIX in Brazil, SPEI in Mexico, PSE in Colombia, or Webpay in Chile.

Additionally, PayRetailers’ expert team ensures that international merchants in different industries like e-commerce, retail, travel, financial services, e-learning, and gaming receive the highest conversion rates and accelerated confirmation times within the available payment methods in each country.

We offer the whole package. That’s the key to our success. Our merchants particularly value: the robustness, speed, and high conversion rates of our platform and the level of support we give them,” Enrique Carcamo, Chief Innovation Officer of PayRetailers.

As a Fintech expert and associate, PayRetailers strives to combat the challenges in the payment technology space. One of the primary issues retailers experience is the lack of understanding of users’ expectations at the payment level. To study their needs, it is essential to analyze their purchasing power and behaviors. Users expect a quick and user-friendly layout, allowing instant accessibility and payment confirmation without closing the website or application.

Without in-app one-tap payment processes, customers are redirected to a different payment platform with longer confirmation times. This results in customer dissatisfaction and low sales, conversion rates, and profits. PayRetailers’ integrated and flexible platform allows merchants to select a customized integration option. They can choose a method that best fits their business model and configure it per their needs and objectives. PayRetailers’ solution leads to optimized conversion rates and an enhanced business continuity viewpoint.

PayRetailers assists merchants on various levels, such as accessing regions, finding cost-efficient solutions, and meeting legal or regulatory requirements. PayRetailers also works with UX and UI professionals and IT departments to identify and design the best possible integration system for better checkout processes and layouts. The company works diligently to ensure maximum conversion rates and positive user experiences.

PayRetailers helps LATAM businesses through a network of local payment methods that accepts payments, sends payouts, and settles funds, regardless of geographical boundaries. With its glocalization strategy, PayRetailers develops an adaptable payment platform that adapts to each local market’s particularities. Before establishing its operations in a new country, PayRetailers studies regulatory policies to identify partners and products that end users require during online payments.

PayRetailers connects Latin American markets and cross-border merchants in Europe and the USA. Regions that found it challenging to meet customer expectations used PayRetailers’ payment link to create and send their customers a single link with different payment options. One of PayRetailers’ greatest success use cases is in Brazil. The Brazilian PIX solution allows customers to perform automatic online transfers by scanning a QR code within the application and receiving a confirmation notice within seconds.

In another case, one of PayRetailers’ sports betting merchants used its payment solutions to expand locally and provide Latin American customers with an optimum payment experience. With PayRetailers’ API-driven platform, the merchant multiplied their monthly volume by four within the first two months of 2022, increasing the company’s compound annual growth to 200%.