PaySimple – Payments for the Service Economy

Small business owners are certainly the backbone of the economy. The easier it is to interact and transact with a small business owner, both the community and the business have an easier time to move forward. PaySimple aims to make life easier for this valuable group of people.

As an industry-leading provider of payment management solutions, PaySimple makes billing and collection processes effortlessly simple by enabling businesses to bill, collect and deposit all of their payments automatically. The company’s customized, secure ASP solution includes recurring billing, electronic check processing, and direct debit and credit card processing at some of the lowest rates available.

A key initiative they have been working on and continue to pursue is the idea of making the business side of running a small business as simple and as easy as possible. They are doing this by removing the friction small businesses experience today in the process of invoicing, collecting payments for services rendered, and reconciling their books.

With PaySimple’s complete integrated solution, processing all types of electronic payments becomes straightforward. With any other payment processor, business owners are equipped with only a payment engine through which they control and maintain each and every facet, such as account reconciliation, merchant statements, bank and merchant communications, and so on of their system. On the other hand, PaySimple provides users with the complete front and back-end processing solution needed to streamline accounts receivables and integrate seamlessly with business management software.

Small businesses that are using an integrated payments feature as part of their business are seeing dramatic increases in time saved throughout their week, reductions in deferred appointments or incomplete payments, and getting paid faster and infusing that money into growing their business,” remarks CEO David Sharp.

One of the notable features of PaySimple is its security measures. The platform is outfitted with the most powerful security and encryption tools currently available. The processing website is secured and encrypted using a 1024-bit Thawte Digital Certificate The Payment Gateway uses a 1024-bit Verisign Digital Certificate but accommodates the majority of browsers at 128-bit encryption.

Integrating management software with PaySimple is not a difficult task either. PaySimple is compatible with most business management software, and the company provides an easy import/export function that can map custom fields for seamless integration.

The Recurring Bill or AutoPay is a powerful solution offered by PaySimple. For businesses, recurring billing allows procurement of money on time, every time. As a result, there is a normalization of cash flow which significantly impacts how the business is managed. It is also a way to eliminate the time and money associated with printing and mailing paper invoices. The entire accounts receivable process can be fully automated, leaving the business owners with time for other pursuits. As a customer, Recurring Bill automatically pays bills without the hassle of receiving invoices, mailing checks, or finding the time to deliver payments in person. It is desirable for regular charges of the same amount. There is no better way to describe it than a win-win scenario.

PaySimple exists with the singular purpose of simplifying and empowering other people’s lives. The company’s drive to make life easier for the small businesses that serve others daily has led to a Silver Stevie® Award in the Sales & Customer Service category in the 15th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. This award is a much-needed appreciation for a company that puts customer experience as the top priority.