Pegasus Home Health Care – Commitment to Care, Passion to Serve

Pegasus Home Health Care, founded in 1991 in California, offers the best in-home medical and personal care services. Pegasus provides a comprehensive range of services to patients throughout the care continuum and the home healthcare industry, including personal care services, skilled care, flu vaccination event requests, home care, and wellness programs.

The Pegasus Home Health Care team works with the dedication to care and the desire to serve. Its top concern is each patient’s comfort and well-being, as well as providing compassionate, and high-quality treatment.

Pegasus Home Health Care has an extremely competent medical team and it has contracted with most of the major Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans. It is ranked in the top 25% of Home Health Care organizations in the United States and has also received the coveted Home Care Elite award from OCS, an independent benchmarking firm.

It is a company that believes in working with skilled nurses and is committed to providing an on-par medical care service to all of its patients.

With experienced nurses that are thoroughly screened, insured, and in collaboration with avant-garde doctors and other healthcare professionals, Pegasus provides a comprehensive variety of non-medical support services to individuals of all ages. It also provides its nurses with ongoing education and a variety of training programs to keep their application-based knowledge up to date.

Pegasus Home Health Care provides medical care services that are designed to make each individual comfortable and safe in their own homes. Through the advent of its home care services, it seeks the shortened duration of stay in any hospital or care settings of a patient outside of their home.

Pegasus offers both, skilled medical care as well as personal care treatment, placing itself as one of the top organizations with a wide variety of services like diabetic care, orthopedic care, cardiac care, and other medical social services. It also puts greater importance on self-maintenance, by assisting its patients with meal preparation, grooming, light housekeeping, and a whole lot more.

Pegasus Home Health Care has worked with thousands of patients since its inception, and it has always considered finding a “good fit” of a nurse for each of its patients a top priority, and by doing so, enabling a perfectly curated and personalized experience for each patient. Which in turn, has allowed Pegasus to uniquely position itself as an industry leader – with numerous case studies and years of collective wisdom under its belt.

“It was a beautiful concept — the opportunity to care for people while keeping them in their homes.” I knew this was what I wanted to do. The opportunity to truly make a difference, to facilitate families being able to care for their loved ones with dignity, comfort, and the highest quality care.” says Pamela Spiszman, President & CEO.

Pamela Spiszman and Kimberly Moss are an amazing mother-daughter duo who operate Pegasus. Growing up, Pamela Spiszman knew she wanted to make a difference. She had the desire to care for other people, and throughout her adolescence, she dedicated the time to volunteer in a convalescent home. That was when she realized that nursing was her calling, and was intrigued by the concept of Home Health Care through a colleague.

She then went on to create Pegasus Home Health Care in the year 1991, with only three employees at the time. However, today Pegasus stands proud with the help of its 80+ employees and a massive clientele who relies upon and are cared for by the Pegasus family.

The mother-daughter duo came into fruition when Kimberly D. Moss joined Pamela in 1995. They had always known that they were meant to work together, as they shared the same passion, dedication, and goals for their company and clientele.

It is perhaps this passion and strife that fuels Pegasus and how the company as a whole is able to embody and execute its motto: family caring for family – to the epitome of perfection.