Perceivant – Innovative, Interactive Educational Software

One of the leading EdTech companies, Perceivant believes in reforming the educational technology environment. With the world slowly shifting to digital mediums, the migration to online spaces has affected digital education. Keeping the scope of online schools and learning at the forefront, Perceivant aims to change education, its modes, methods, and platforms to accommodate the needs of students and teachers and make learning engaging, interactive, and fruitful.

Launched in 2012, Perceivant is on a mission to develop a learning-centric approach to make the education landscape more accessible and equip students with adequate resources to learn and grow. Its vision entails enabling people to live different lives, and its mission emphasizes enhancing learner outcomes through innovative methods and courses. The digital curriculum company provides creative and unique educational software that changes the learning sphere for college teachers and students. Instead of hard copies and eBooks, Perceivant focuses on developing an accessible platform, including a dashboard, which supports and delivers course materials, assignments, tests, and interactive activities.

Perceivant’s digital approach to transforming the educational technology sector monitors and studies a student’s class engagement and progress and redistributes resources to improve retention and prevent dropout rates. The company provides solutions, such as affordable courses, to stress the necessity of effective digital learning.

We make it easier for the teacher that is so busy not to produce a course that is just OK, but a really good course that’s customized for them and their students,” said Brian Rowe, CEO and Founder of Perceivant.

The current educational technology environment faces various trends that restrict its development and create hurdles for educators, administrators, and students. The inaccessibility of digital course materials, the lack of innovative solutions to make distant learning engaging and interactive, and difficulties in monitoring a student’s performance through online mediums are some challenges faced in the EdTech sector. Perceivant has developed solutions, tools, and services to combat these trends and make EdTech learning efficient and convenient.

Perceivant provides an accessible course library that stores cost-effective, engaging, and analytics-based digital courses instead of conventional textbooks and eBooks. Through its guided learning service, Perceivant offers an active learning and reporting platform that provides defined learning outcomes to instil confidence in students and sequenced content to facilitate deep learning. The learning platform also makes multi-level assessments accessible for a higher learning syllabus.

With its Instructor Dashboard tool, Perceivant identifies students showing out of character or concerning behaviours, such as students who might get a DFWI status, which stands for students who receive a D or F grade, or students who drop out. Identifying students who require assistance enables teachers to stage an early intervention and investigate the student’s educational history and performance. Pinpoint is another tool that creates a platform to assist institutions in actively observing student interactions to identify and trace discrepancies that might hinder their educational growth and development.


Perceivant has used its services and solutions to enhance the lives and educational experiences of various institutions and organizations. The Indiana-based e-learning provider worked with Kennesaw State University (KSU), Atlanta, USA, the third largest public university in Georgia, which teaches more than 150 undergraduate and graduate courses. One of the courses, Foundations of Healthy Living, focused on the general education needs to prevent diseases and promote better health and taught weight management, nutrition, physical challenges, and handling emotional stress. However, the students’ DFWI rates severely affected the course direction and curriculum. The high enrolment rate, class size, and lack of resources lead to students feeling unmotivated, discouraged and withdrawing from the course.

Perceivant’s web-operated learning platform provided the university with an accessible and effective way of monitoring the challenges of their course and devised solutions to rectify those issues through customized digital systems designed using content delivery, management, and flow. The learning platform improved the students’ learning experience and reduced DFWI rates.