PEX Live: BPM 2022 – Free PEX Network Online Event

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CIOCoverage is an official Media Partner with PEX Live: BPM 2022 starting on 20th September 2022.

Given the impact of the pandemic, and the associated economic conditions, BPM has become increasingly important as a means by which to ensure your business is more agile, resilient, efficient and effective.

Key to achieving these outcomes is having a fit for purpose operating model and technology stack that enables you to both optimise your end to end process and reduce operating costs. With that in mind, PEX Live: BPM 2022 will be focused on:

  • Workflow Automation – improving teamwork and streamlining repetitive and time consuming work.
  • Hyper Intelligent Automation – enhancing the scalability of automation by combining it with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Digital Process Automation – enhancing CX and enabling seamless access of data across the organisation.
  • Business Architecture – leveraging BPM to design an operating model to increases end to end efficiency.
  • Process Mining and Process Discovery – identifying ‘ideal’ processes and opportunities for improvement

To visit the event website: Click Here

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