Plymouth Rock Assurance – Car Insurance and Home Insurance

Plymouth Rock Assurance, the customer-first, data-driven auto and home insurance provider of choice in the Northeast is a technology innovator, leveraging the tools often seen in the insurance tech space to create a better experience for both independent agents as well as for their direct customers. Insurance carriers and agents often find it challenging to stay up-to-date with the constantly changing insurtech sphere, but Plymouth Rock is on a mission to stay ahead of the curve by prioritizing unmatched user experience and exceptional service.

Founded in 1983, Plymouth Rock uses decades of experience and knowledge to continuously improve its features, helping users navigate the challenges they often encounter while purchasing insurance. For example, consumers often find the home and auto quoting process to be tedious and confusing, but Plymouth Rock’s services make obtaining a home and auto quote swift and efficient. Plymouth Rock has the fastest quoting tool in the home insurance business, taking only seconds to generate a bindable quote for most applicants.

Obtaining a quote for homeowner’s insurance is traditionally a lengthy process, as carriers question customers in detail about insurance coverages and construction of the home, such as heating and electrical components, etc. However, often, customers do not know the correct answer, resulting in a quotes that may later have to be revised. Plymouth Rock’s Home solution accelerates the home quoting process. Using information from various data sources, Plymouth Rock generates bindable quotes for every house.

An inconvenient, albeit important, part of the underwriting process for home insurance is inspections. Instead of scheduling home inspection visits, Plymouth Rock gives many of its customers the option to use Plymouth Rock’s app to take pictures and provide information about their homes when it’s most convenient for them.

As more services become available on the cloud its adoption continues to grow.  Plymouth Rock is taking advantage of these advances and is building new cloud native applications to assist its agents and customers.  For example, they are working on personalized videos for customer communication and trying AI/ML cloud services to allow claims to be submitted by Facebook, Twitter or voice recognition.

We want to be the company that agents and customers prefer to do business with, and we believe that technology will help us achieve that goal,” said Brendan Kirby, the head of information technology for the Plymouth Rock group of companies.

Plymouth Rock’s self-serve technology empowers its customers and allows its agents to control transactions and operations to improve service quality, increase customer satisfaction, and strengthen the trust and transparency between agents and customers. Plymouth Rock’s newly launched mobile app offers creative solutions to its clients that leverage native capabilities from Apple and Android. Customers can share their feedback, access their proof of insurance, experience a hassle-free payment transaction process, and report and manage claims seamlessly.

Plymouth Rock implements unique and innovative strategies and principles for its customers. Its highly experienced and dedicated team works diligently to develop new techniques and technologies that are compatible with the needs of its agents and customers. With an attention-to-detail approach, Plymouth Rock is developing tailored videos for customer communication allowing customers to get in touch through various platforms.  Another Plymouth Rock strategy is employing experts and specialists to develop creative solutions that design tools for the changing technological climate.