Preferred Strategies – Empower Your Business to Make Strategic Decisions

While there are several “off-the-shelf” ERP and CRM reporting and analytics products in the market for JD Edwards, NetSuite, Viewpoint Vista, and Salesforce, nothing compares to what Preferred Strategies has to offer in terms of customization, innovation, and foresight. Preferred Strategies is a Data Transformation Company that is primarily in the business of decision-making. Its QuickLaunch Information Engine enables organizations to unlock hard-to-access cryptic data, construct reports and dashboards, reduce inefficiencies, and make educated, strategic decisions.

With Preferred Strategies, companies are empowered to streamline operations, reduce development costs, and gain powerful insights into future opportunities. Preferred Strategies strives to improve the profitability and competitiveness of its clients’ enterprises.

For decades, businesses all over the world have had access to “data,” but none of it is structured in a format that is easy to understand and consume by executives, leaders and employees. Preferred Strategies has stepped in to create an “information engine” that allows business-users to perform powerful self-service analyses, which helps them make better strategic decisions based on data from their ERP and CRM systems.

In early 2020, many organizations had to change the way they ran their business. Downsizing, transitioning to work-from-home systems, and learning how to pivot businesses due to major product shortages and shipping delays, were all problems that almost every business faced. These very problems resulted in an environment in which corporations, business leaders, and employees required real-time access to company data to effectively steer the company to success.

To be competitive, departments in every organization are now expected to provide system solutions that boost overall efficiency, lower labor costs, and ultimately raise profits. Preferred Strategies’ QuickLaunch Information Engine delivers this power to the employee, enabling them easy access to corporate wide data when they want, where they want, and how they want.

The company is thrilled to be celebrating its 20th year in business.  With a world class Customer Net Promotor Score of 75, Client Retention Rate of 96% and Employee Net Promotor Score of 92, Preferred Strategies has proven to be the leader in the Data Analytics and Business Intelligence industry. Since Power BI, the leading visualization application, entered the Business Intelligence space in 2015, Preferred Strategies has experienced solid growth.  Over the past 7 years they have continued to enhance their QuickLaunch product offerings helping JD Edwards, NetSuite, Viewpoint Vista, and Salesforce customers turn their enterprise data into meaningful information.  They are dedicated to constant innovation and continue to release new features and functionality for existing products, as well as support up and coming capabilities with analytics cloud technologies such as Data Lake, Delta Lake, and Azure Synapse.  Preferred Strategies delivers the foundation to support customers through all stages of their data journey, so they continue to have confidence in their business decisions as they mature and grow.

Designed specifically for the Microsoft Suite of products, The Preferred Strategies’ QuickLaunch pre-built content allows companies to develop and customize their own dashboards and reports with Microsoft Power BI, Excel, and Paginated Reports in a matter of seconds.  This instant visibility into corporate performance enables companies to identify issues, outliers, trends and insights that require attention and quickly strategize in a way that takes them to the next level of success.

“We act as an extension of your team and are dedicated to empowering your business to make strategic decisions.  Data transformation is not easy, but we don’t shy away from what is hard, we come right for it – and we succeed.” Adam Crigger, the Founder and President, went on to say, “At Preferred Strategies, failure is not an option, we work with hundreds of forward-thinking companies on their data strategy and partner together to ensure they successfully overcome their most complicated data challenges and achieve the business objectives that define success for their organization.”

What separates the Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch data transformation platform from its competitors is that it was designed and built with Power BI, the leading modern Business Intelligence tool, at the core of the solution, resulting in cutting edge visualization functionality.  Rather than purchase an off the shelf solution or build their own reporting tool from scratch and then work to export the data into the Power BI application, our clients seamlessly access, manipulate and view their data within Power BI and the Microsoft Suite of products including Excel and Paginated Reports. The QuickLaunch solution is designed and tailored for the customer’s specific ERP (JD Edwards, NetSuite, and Viewpoint Vista) or Salesforce CRM, and delivers the highest performance, easy maintainability, and modern thinking methodology that becomes the data foundation used by clients across all their corporate data.   Preferred Strategies has extensive expertise in the data transformation aspect of analytics, and truly understands the business processes involved in accounting and operations.

They provide exceptional service to their customers, assisting them in configuring and customizing the best solution for their needs. Preferred Strategies also provides ongoing training via live instructor and their customer portal, the QuickLaunch Community, as a main element of the QuickLaunch customer success program, which is implemented to help clients achieve the highest level of internal adoption and success on their data-driven journey.

Many organizations who are in the infancy stage of their Data Maturity transformation are new to Power BI and unsure how to get the most out of the software. The result is people exporting data into Excel and importing spreadsheet data into Power BI, or setting up too many reports and data models per subject area where business logic is unnecessarily duplicated and repeated. The QuickLaunch solution delivers one single-source of truth with a centralized, governed data model. Referred to as “The Power of One” because it delivers ONE data model to load across all enterprise data, ONE place to maintain business logic for company measures and key performance indicators (KPI’s), and ONE model to secure and govern for the business. Some suggest QuickLaunch is a CIO’s dream come true!

As an employee-owned (ESOP) company with a core team of 25 hardworking, talented experts, Preferred Strategies is dedicated to helping organizations turn their ERP and CRM data into decision-ready real-time information. It takes pride in continuously exceeding customers’ expectations and delivering innovative, ground-breaking solutions.