Preset- Modern BI Powered by Open Source Apache Superset.

Data analytics has become a fundamental pillar of business growth. With the proper knowledge and tools to understand data, companies can achieve desirable outcomes and extract actionable insights. As a leading innovative data analytics company, Preset uses data visualization to pave the way for simplified and more impactful data management.

Preset‘s advanced solutions, including user-friendly visual dashboards, empower companies to delve deeper into their business data and its analysis. With a flexible approach to data visualization, Preset enables users to instantly communicate and share data-driven insights, making the process seamless and efficient.

Preset transforms the data analytics landscape with its fully managed, open-source business intelligence (BI) tool, Apache Superset. This comprehensive, open-source data visualization platform makes data exploration more user-friendly and intuitive. It allows users to integrate and assess data from a myriad of sources, generating accurate insights on interactive dashboards to enhance decision-making. This all-in-one platform allows data professionals to stay ahead of the curve by accessing all the upgrades and latest features. It also enables safe collaborations by allotting each team a separate Superset workspace and granting access to fine-tune data using RBAC and row-level security (RLS).

The Apache Superset platform is a cutting-edge solution for analyzing data by creating charts and dashboards with drag-and-drop visual queries or the SQL editor. What sets this platform apart is its flexible nature—it can be used by all users, regardless of their SQL expertise, due to its no-code data exploration tool, which designs complex visualizations without coding.

Drawing from over forty types of visualizations, including funnel charts, Sankey diagrams, and geospatial charts, Apache Superset reduces the load on data stacks, uses Jinja templates and dashboard filters to build more dynamic visualizations, enables last-mile SQL enhancements, and customizes analytics processes and CSS templates to align the dashboard’s aesthetics with the business brand and product.

Data privacy issues are a challenge that users face when navigating the data analytics ecosystem. Preset resolves this problem by implementing row-level security that prevents unauthorized access to confidential data. It also sends alerts on Slack or through email to notify triggers in dashboard tasks. Furthermore, in addition to data security, Preset ensures compliance with data governance regulations. It allows companies to own their data and limit access to sensitive information with the help of SOC 2-verified Preset Cloud, which comprises role-based access and SSO support.

We can see this shift in the rise of data reliability engineering, and data engineering being responsible for managing data infrastructure and overseeing the performance of cloud-based systems. — Maxime Beauchemin, CEO & Founder

Located in California, US, Preset extends its data analytics solutions to organizations across the globe. The company aims to empower all enterprises, regardless of industry or size, to leverage the power of data visualization to better understand and process data.

A Preset client, a customer identity platform company, specializes in offering solutions to developers and enterprises to improve their user verification and reputation processes. The company made real-time usage and verification metrics accessible for merchants, enabling them to derive valuable insights from multiple data sources. However, upon the expiration of the license of the third-party BI vendor, whose embedded analytics solutions the company used, it leveraged Preset’s services for a better benefit-to-cost ratio.

Preset implemented reusable charts and datasets, enabling users to use the same charts and datasets across multiple dashboards. This tool helped the client gain an updated view of data, as changes made to a metric definition or the chart would also be reflected in all dashboards associated with the modification. Preset also added a thin semantic layer, eliminating the need to replicate definitions in the data warehouse and the BI tool. Moreover, Preset’s user-friendly SQL interface allowed data analysts and scientists to utilize the data instantly.

Preset’s offerings significantly improved the client’s operations, saving substantial costs by over 50%. Furthermore, Preset’s embedded dashboards enabled merchants and the client’s team to receive real-time data, reducing the need for manual data collection and execution and allowing customer success representatives to handle all assigned merchants.