Presidio – The leading Global Digital Services and Solutions Provider

As operations become increasingly digital, organizations are migrating to cloud platforms. In this digital transformation era, Presidio charges forward with innovative CISCO solutions to make cloud environments secure and easily accessible. From initial assessments to strategies and consultation to managed IT services, Presidio provides clients with decades of IT knowledge and expertise, skilled cloud talent, a global team of experts to deliver projects, and customer-centric solutions to make cloud migration and data management safer and faster.

The future constantly evolves, and it will continue changing. Organizations have remodeled their working habits, functions, and communication patterns to keep up with changing trends and global transformations. With this in mind, Presidio offers advanced CISCO solutions. With over 6,300 CISCO certifications, over 30 CISCO specializations, and more than 250 CCIEs, Presidio has gained an edge with expert deployment, managed services, and delivering first-call collaborative and coordinated support around solutions.

Presidio’s CISCO-based solutions help organizations in building secure and resilient networks. As data disruptions double in frequency, range, and impact, it is essential to manage networks to enable enterprises to respond to unexpected issues instantly. As an esteemed CISCO solution provider, Presidio empowers organizations by assessing their infrastructures and designing solutions tailored to their objectives, ensuring connected, reliable, and secure digital services.

In addition to building secure networks, Presidio designs solutions that put companies and teams at the forefront and enable seamless collaborations across various distributed teams. With its CISCO solutions, Presidio allows its clients to evaluate their business models, understand their target audience, and connect with them by modernizing and moving to the cloud.

Presidio takes special care to protect existing and future data. Security is of the utmost importance, and Presidio’s comprehensive security solutions make the digital infrastructure easy to navigate, more efficient, and visible. As complex processes and remote operations increase, organizational networks get exposed to unsecured devices, leaving them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Presidio ensures that enterprises can remotely operate and collaborate on secure networks, boosting their cybersecurity.

Furthermore, Presidio recognizes and acknowledges the urgency to continually transform. The company designs and delivers flexible and secure solutions that can transform business operations, align with business objectives, meet current organizational goals, and catapult businesses to new heights.

Clients are looking to the combination of security, customer experience, and features—and Cisco’s ramped up on the feature side as well recently — Bob Cagnazzi, CEO

Presidio uses CISCO Meraki to empower clients with enhanced hybrid workforces, smarter spaces, and safe platforms. With the best-in-class solutions and technologies, Presidio helps companies optimize operations and reduce their workload, freeing time and resources to focus on urgent functions.

The CISCO solution provider also helps companies overcome complex digital challenges and offer their customers stellar user experiences by ensuring visibility across the entire IT infrastructure. Presidio’s CISCO AppDynamics solution proactively investigates, finds, and resolves issues before they can affect end-users, improving business results. This impactful and innovative FSO solution optimizes application performances and makes the digital experience seamless and easy to navigate.

Presidio’s digital prowess is reflected in its contribution to transforming and empowering Fort Worth with digital equity. Authorities and local governments understand the importance of connectivity and equity issues regarding Wi-Fi setups. Faster internet connection increases chances of securing better jobs through online applications and working remotely, providing citizens and residents with flourishing opportunities that benefit them, the community, and the city as a whole.

With its CISCO solutions, Presidio created a robust architecture using its ultra-reliable wireless backhaul technology, eliminating the need for Fiverr across the city. The company implemented CISCO Meraki access points and utility poles around the neighborhood to give internet access to the community, and finally, layered on an umbrella that filtered content, keeping children safe by designing a safe and secure learning environment.