ProActive Solutions – IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services

Cloud solutions and IT infrastructure are the buzzwords this season. Advanced technological solutions are becoming the norm for every industry out there. Thus, it is no surprise that Nutanix solution providers have gained new importance worldwide. Among the names rising to the top, ProActive Solutions rightly deserve recognition. After being in business for over 26 years, ProActive’s commitment to delivering infrastructure solutions and IT architecture design remains unparalleled. The company has also had a hand in providing consultation services to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

ProActive is a proud women-owned-and-run business offering custom solutions and personalized support, and one of the best at it. Having collaborated with sectors like healthcare, education, administration, and many more, the company has experience designing customized plans to fit every need.

Take the recent use case of Sirius XM, a pioneer of vehicle telematics that has developed, launched, and managed connected vehicle programs across multiple automotive brands, luxury and mass-market model lines, national borders, and numerous model years. The client wanted to engage with an industry leader to help the company enhance its infrastructure to continue to launch best-in-class solutions while meeting intensified deadlines. They also wanted to accelerate their technology procurement process and deploy the necessary equipment on-site before the end of the year. SiriusXM required ProActive Solutions for its proven customer service, ethics, industry knowledge, and vendor relationships.

The solution came easily after initially assessing the situation with the SiriusXM team and hosting multiple strategic sessions. ProActive helped evaluate several options and recommended best-in-class solutions such as Pure Storage, Palo Alto, Dell, IBM, and Commvault. After investing over 70 hours of senior-level technical consultation to assist SiriusXM with its initiatives, numerous tactics were employed to ensure a speedy transaction process and expedited delivery to meet project deadlines. ProActive also leveraged its vendor relationships to deliver SiriusXM significant savings. With monthly meetings to keep track of the solutions, ProActive is providing the value that the brand promised.

The team at ProActive has a broad and in-depth array of skill sets in hardware, software, services, and infrastructure design. This makes them capable of adapting to any sector and testing client workloads to devise multi-brand solutions. These solutions include cloud-oriented configurations, both public and private, as well as sophisticated architectural capabilities around servers, storage, virtualization, backup, recovery, and hyper-converged configurations in complex data center environments.

The work done by ProActive Solutions has not gone unnoticed either. The company was Ingram’s Top Area Women-Owned Business and has been bestowed with Kansas City Business Journal’s 5th Largest Women-Owned Business in Kansas City. The brand has also earned its place on the CRN Tech Elite 250.

ProActive is also a company that believes in giving back to the community, facilitating its growth. In 2021, five organizations offering vital and vibrant community services received donations.

ProActive Solutions is proud to be a company that cares about the community where it has its roots. Many of our employees live and work close to our headquarters in Mission, Kansas, and they power our passion to design solutions for our customers. — Melissa Cather, President and Co-Founder

With differentiators like the agility and flexibility to move quickly and creatively without red tape and cumbersome processes and a state-of-the-art integration center to support custom-built multivendor solutions, ProActive Solutions is ahead of its time. As a rising Nutanix service provider, the company’s name will only grow from here.