Project44 – Advanced Supply Chain Visibility

In the list of the top supply chain companies to watch out for in 2023, project44 has earned its spot by being a great innovator who refines the global supply chain. Founded in 2014 in Chicago, project44 strides forward with the ambition of fixing the tech issues holding supply chains back from being what the current consumer needs. The company was born in the logistics capital of the world with the sole purpose of eliminating the inefficiencies in value chain operations with digital infrastructure. Now, with members across the world, the company is a force to reckon with.

Movement by project44 is a remarkable platform that attempts to improve supply chain visibility. With highly accurate, real-time data on the status and location of containers within the terminal, shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs) can improve inland planning, minimize demurrage and drayage fees, and address delays or disruptions. The suite of ocean solutions included here is vital to managing a complex global supply chain these days. The Ocean Terminal Visibility is a welcome addition to the platform.

Many supply chain delays don’t happen in transit, but at interchange points like ports. Containers enter a ​‘black box’ when they travel through terminals, and that jeopardizes efficiency downstream.We’re taking the mystery out of container status and location with our new Ocean Terminal Visibility capabilities, giving customers true end-to-end visibility. — Jett McCandless, Founder and CEO

When used in combination with the Ocean Visibility and Port Intel products, Ocean Terminal Visibility easily becomes a holistic solution for shippers and LSPs to address common port challenges. Beyond this, project44’s Ocean Emissions Visibility, Sailing Schedules, Carrier Analytics and Detention & Demurrage offerings provide comprehensive carrier insight capabilities available on the market. Through this, companies moving goods through ports now have access to the intelligence they need at the shipment and container levels to streamline operations and enable better business decisions.

project44’s Advanced Visibility™ Platform is another solution that needs to be in the spotlight. Goldman Sachs had valued the business at $2.2 billion pre-money in 2022. Having earned numerous awards for the company and putting the brand name at the top of the 2022 FreightWaves’ FreightTech 25 list, this is the data-driven solution that the supply chain industry needs. Its deep API capabilities, integrations with hundreds of telematics/​ELD devices, and a large network of carriers make it an ideal platform to keep track of data and visibility. With flexible and scalable solutions, international coverage, and a roadmap fitting the customer’s strategy, project44 enables quick real-time truckload tracking and provides predictive analytics/​ETAs for more data-driven decisions and the transparency their customers expect.

project44 has built a partner ecosystem that makes their efforts more impactful in the world. These strategic partnerships make global collaborations as smooth as possible. Big names like SAP LBN, IBM, and Oracle are tech partners that allow project44 to deliver top-quality results. Other trusted partners of project44 enable the company to help customers turn into smart and best-run businesses with a wide range of products, services, and integrations.

Having the world’s best tech experts, visionaries, and ambitious individuals to support customers in having real-time, transparent, and optimized shipping experiences, project44 has earned the reputation of being one of the best supply chain services today. The company stays true to its vision of making the world more productive and successful in every endeavor. Seamless and flexible experience with the best tech solutions to aid the process is the reason both customers and partners rush to connect with project44.