Proponent – Your Partner In Aerospace Distribution

With global connectivity improving in leaps and bounds each day, the role of aviation and aerospace solution providers cannot be downplayed any longer. In this world of airline service providers, Proponent is a name that has built its reputation slowly but steadily. Now steering towards even greater heights, Proponent is living up to its name of being a champion.

Today, Proponent is the largest independent distributor of commercial aircraft parts, serving the MRO, OEM, and airline markets for over 50 years. The company operates on a global scale of aerospace with worldwide inventory and staff. More often than not, the company reiterates that Proponent is not just a name; it is the company’s mission statement. The brand takes pride in being able to simplify aftermarket needs with custom solutions and fast, reliable delivery of critical parts with unmatched agility and service.

The best part about Proponent is that the company focuses on the evolving industry and the subsequent changing needs of its partners. By constantly innovating its products and offered services, Proponent certainly knows how to keep the clientele satisfied. Currently, Proponent has relationships with aircraft operators, maintenance providers, manufacturers, and supply chain partners that play a crucial role in driving the brand to deliver reliable, customer-centered service that focuses on real-time needs.

Proponent’s ProCart, with its powerful time-saving features, is a prime example of how the company designs solutions with the clients as the top priority. One highlight of the ProCart is easy access to order information. Any user can view and print account history, invoices, and certs in an instant with 24/7 access to their account details and shipping stats. Real-time inventory stats and bulk searching for streamlined estimating are other features that have won over the aviation industry. In addition, Proponent is a strong figure in the makeover of aerospace aftermarket with 3D printing.

3D printing represents an opportunity to help our OEM and Supplier Partners to become more efficient in their supply chains and complements our stocking distribution model. Producing customized parts or small production runs through AM gives us an opportunity to source on-demand, sustainably, and avoid high minimum order quantities. Our customers get what they need, when they need it, and OEMs avoid the cost and risks that come with manufacturing these parts. — Andrew Todhunter, CEO and President

Currently, Proponent produces more than 400,000 vital aviation parts and components for commercial, regional, and business aviation needs. With a wide range of partners to support them, the company remains agile to serve the most modern platforms while also maintaining high standards with essential components for legacy fleets.

Proponent reached the height it is currently at due to its outstanding customer service. There are facilities strategically placed around the world for the brand to stay agile. Proponent ensures that it is always ready to respond to the customers’ needs, even when those needs change. The team has clearly established that they are committed to supporting aircraft operators, maintenance organizations, and OEM customers, wherever they may be.

The company works to ensure that clients think of Proponent as a partnership and not just a source of solutions. With the aerospace market continuing to develop and grow, Kapco Global and Avio-Diepen felt that it was important for them to come together in a more meaningful way, to ensure the quality and consistency of the customers’ experience. Proponent is successfully moving towards achieving its goal of providing unparalleled service unlike ever seen before.