Ellucian – Purposeful innovation designed for higher education

Ellucian is the most transformational EdTech company laser-focused on the needs of higher education for today and tomorrow. The company develops solutions that power the work of colleges and universities. Serving nearly 3,000 institutions in 50 countries, Ellucian provides software and services to enhance and enrich the experience for more than 26 million students.

With a 50+ year history focused exclusively on the needs of higher education, Ellucian understands the complexities of the space and supports institutions in addressing today’s challenges including enrollment, retention and advancement, while future-proofing them with solutions to address what’s around the corner. For institutions, the need to keep pace with learner expectations, complex regulatory requirements and other changes have resulted in unevenly adopted processes along with the implementation of niche point-solutions and extreme customizations. As a result, complexity is now at a breaking point with institutional growth blocked by resource-intensive processes; disparate, siloed data; and disjointed systems.

In partnership with customers, Ellucian’s interoperable solutions — including a range of full ERP solutions, finance and HR platforms, student information system (SIS), cloud services, talent management systems and workflow software – are helping to simplify and transform operations, enabling institutional leaders to leverage robust data, insights, and capabilities to impact their goals and those of their students.

The pandemic forced higher education institutions to pivot to new virtual-first or hybrid models, often for the first time. Expectations have changed and students now assume schools have figured out the technical details and are ready for anything. As the higher ed landscape continues to evolve, technology and cloud services can be harnessed as the “connective tissue” across institutions, ensuring systems are integrated and the experience is positive for students, staff and administrators. Ellucian is at the center of this digital transformation and is rising to meet this moment as a leader.

In addition, today’s students are facing extreme financial pressures making it difficult for some to even consider higher education. Ellucian recently acquired CampusLogic, a student financial success platform that eliminates the friction associated with applying for financial aid while opening up opportunities to discover broader financial support in the form of grants, scholarships, and other funding. Its integration into Ellucian’s solutions will make it easier for students to finance their education. The President and CEO of Ellucian, Laura K. Ipsen, shared at the time of the acquisition:

“Putting students first means solving for those that never get an opportunity to further their education whether for financial, social, health, or other reasons. CampusLogic solutions will extend Ellucian’s capabilities to promote student wellbeing and focus on Student Financial Success — the most pressing need of today’s higher ed students. I am thrilled to welcome CampusLogic to Ellucian. Together we will provide a more connected experience between institutions and students to improve the entire financial aid lifecycle.”

Ellucian cloud solutions support safer and smarter institutions by bringing down IT complexity and total expenses, and creating efficiencies with systems management, all while keeping data secure. Moving to SaaS solutions frees up institutions to spend more time focused on students and innovation, rather than on time-consuming updates and ongoing maintenance.

With a focus on improving the user experience, the company recently launched Ellucian Experience, a unique solution that delivers a personalized dashboard to access essential information quickly.  Ellucian Experience simplifies everyday tasks and access to essential information through a single application framework and personalized dashboard, linking people, processes and applications. Part of Ellucian’s open SaaS platform, Experience integrates with both Ellucian and non-Ellucian higher ed solutions to streamline information into one central environment for users, eliminating the need to log in to multiple systems.

Ellucian provides staff, faculty, and students with a unique unified user experience that caters to an individual’s specific needs. It ensures the continuity of workflow without causing any disruption between the IT department and front-end users. The lightweight, no-code system enables higher education institutions to deploy quickly through the cloud and on-premise technologies.

Ellucian believes in the transformative power of education and helps institutions build a stronger future, while continually evolving to best support students. With its deep understanding of higher education—and the industry’s unique, ever-changing challenges—Ellucian helps institutions navigate with agility and efficiency.