qBotica – The Business Automation Platform™-Leader in RPA, AI & Automation

As technology solidifies its position across every industry, companies strive to balance manual tasks and automated processes to foster collaboration, productivity, and efficiency in the workplace. qBotica is at the forefront of transformation, leveraging new and innovative technologies to reinvent workplaces and create an intersection between human creativity and technology collaboration.

qBotica offers its customers a comprehensive enterprise automation platform and product suite that delivers leading-edge robotic process automation with capabilities that equip organizations with the technology and solutions needed to enhance operations, promote innovation, and achieve all business goals. The company’s mission to be an innovative, intelligent ‘automation as a service’ provider has made it one of the industry’s leading robotic process automation companies.

qBotica’s contribution to the automation landscape comes in the form of DoqumentAI, an intelligent AI-powered document processing tool that automates processes by extracting data from documents and images. Intelligent document processing is the force behind unlocking the hidden potential and value of data—DoqumentAI makes data processing more efficient by automating its acquisition, classification, and validation from any document type.

DoqumentAI sets itself apart from the conventional grid and positional document processing tools through its seamless integration within any RPA system. It instantly processes PDF, scanned and faxed images, and Word documents. This platform harnesses advanced AI technologies like natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning to collect, categorize, and validate data from all structured, unstructured, or semi-structured documents. Once it successfully defines and validates data, it extracts meaningful insights from it, transferring them into core enterprise systems using RPA, API, CSV, XML, and a myriad of other document repositories.

qBotica’s DoqumentAI simplifies and accelerates IDP using four core components. Its analysis and brainstorming feature extracts data through AI-drive deep learning and research; automatic process delivery, which automatically identifies document processing challenges and captures workflows in real-time; fully integrated fraud detection and insights to increase business safety; and adaptable integration using RPA and AI frameworks that implement rapid and adaptive integration across third-party platforms.

What sets DoqumentAI apart is its ability to accurately capture up to 98% of data from any document source and function securely through its cloud-based environment, ensuring effective and reliable data management. Moreover, deploying this platform into document capture processes and business operations is quick and easy, along with its data capturing capabilities, which are ten times faster than manual entries. This system also automatically learns from each document it processes, enhancing its intelligent automation abilities.

We create offerings where domain-based solutions can be implemented into the technology to streamline core business processes and reduce friction for businesses. — Mahesh Vinayagam, CEO

Another significant and innovative offering by qBotica is its Disqover platform. qBotica empowers workplaces by driving efficiencies and saving resources and capital, and it executes its vision by equipping organizations with a process-mining and process-analysis tool that identifies whitespaces.

Disqover simplifies complex back-end processes, automating them using third-party RPA, AI, and machine learning tools. It allows users to automate through low-code or no-code actions according to their unique needs. This platform also uncovers process bottlenecks by scanning invoices, opening tickets, and processing orders across the enterprise.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, qBotica has revolutionized the automation ecosystem with its groundbreaking technologies for over seven years. The company has an extensive catalog of assisting organizations worldwide to optimize their workplace and workforce. A qBotica client, a Fortune-500 company, required an RPA partner to resell cutting-edge RPA tools and accompany them on their RPA journey by providing end-to-end solutions.

Along with wanting to leverage RPA strategically to drive growth and meet automation needs, the client also wanted to improve the performance of its sales, procurement, and purchase order processing systems while acquiring new customers and improving SLAs with existing users.

qBotica provided a centralized, 360-degree solution to the Fortune-500 company that met and satisfied their requirements. Using its intelligent process discovery solutions, qBotica set up automation CoE and advisory services and expanded the client’s service offerings in finance, accounts payable, and co-workers’ services. The company also delivered RPA solutions, implemented robots that integrated RPA to Remedy, AS400, and ERP systems, and ensured 24×7 processing capabilities. With qBotica’s RPA and IDP solutions, the client’s results improved by 40%, the field extraction accuracy increased by 95%, and the company could process over one million invoices annually.