Qlik – Data Integration, Data Quality & Analytics Solutions

The key to thriving in today’s cut-throat industry driven by competition is to understand and harness the potential of data. QlikTech recognizes the importance of data. With data management at the center of its vision, Qlik is on a mission to make the world data-literate and help businesses and organizations tackle all challenges, whether minor or complex, with the right data-based strategy and tool.

As a top data migration company, Qlik empowers enterprises around the globe by enhancing their productivity and enabling them to march forward with end-to-end solutions for getting value out of data. The Qlik Cloud platform is a pioneer in revolutionizing the data landscape by turning raw data into informed action. Qlik Cloud is an AI-powered data integration and analytics turnkey tool that migrates data and applications to an active system that delivers real-time information, provides auto-generated insights, and takes immediate action.

Qlik Cloud bridges the gap between data, insights, and action by providing tools for data-related operations (data integration, movement and streaming, warehouse automation, and transformation) and analytical operations (visualization and dashboards, augmented analytics and AutoML, embedded analytics, and alerting and action). As a centralized cloud platform for all data functions, Qlik offers enterprises a single SaaS platform with hybrid deployment options that give them the choice, flexibility, and security to decide how and where to deploy, store, and process data.

With our hybrid offering, we give customers a choice. You can run it on our cloud, you can run it in your own data center or you can do both. — Mike Capone, CEO.

Organizations collect large datasets, but a lot of relevant data for making informed decisions is not easily accessible or ready for analytical operations—Qlik resolves this issue. Qlik leverages DataOps for analytics, turning raw data into actionable data that is easily located and immediately available. Furthermore, with Qlik Cloud Data Integration, data engineers can deliver, transform, and merge data through Qlik’s iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) tools.

In addition to data integration, Qlik has also taken over the data sphere with a new generation of analytics. Qlik Sense equips users with the ability to explore data with advanced AI combined with the industry’s robust and most powerful engine. Qlik Sense does not differentiate between users; users at any skill level can use it. Another analytics tool, Qlik AutoML, can develop generative ML models for predictive analytics. Its intuitive and code-free user interface integrates actionable insights into every decision with Qlik Cloud for modern BI.

Founded in 1993, QlikTech has empowered businesses globally with data migration, management, and integration systems.

Qlik worked with a leading retail company in the USA, facing various data-related challenges. The client’s data was siloed with many different systems across 650 stores, resulting in delayed reporting by the stores, time-consuming operations, and outdated data. Moreover, reports were complex documents, negatively impacting the company’s productivity. With Qlik Data Integration, the retail provider streamed data into a Snowflake cloud and used Qlik Sense SaaS for data analysis. The stores now retain data in a single cloud repository, making information easily accessible to everyone. The visual dashboards make data easily understandable, and real-time data access boosts store performance.

QlikTech also helped a Japan-based automobile company that needed help capitalizing on essential decisions in the automobile industry, streamlining business processes, providing next-generation services, and receiving more precise and real-time insights from data analysis. The company used Qlik to streamline business operations and instill a company-wide data culture, reducing production costs and more productive business functions. Qlik’s data services also reduced the time to prepare materials from months to a single day.