Qriar – Secure Identity Based Integrated Platform

Qriar Technologies is an information security firm that specializes in cybersecurity solutions including identity and access management, multi-factor authentication, and other services. They collaborate to offer products and provide specialized services in the areas of privileged access management, identity governance, user authentication, and API security management. Qriar Technologies has a unique capacity to build customizations and adaptations to meet specific business and IT requirements using industry best practices. Qriar’s objective is to leverage security technologies to secure users, data, and reputation.

Identity and Access Management, in particular, is critical to the business, not only in terms of preventing breaches and attacks, but also in terms of supporting better experiences across the many digital channels and touchpoints, fostering innovation, and enabling new (or even disruptive) business initiatives.

Qriar Technologies, established in 2016, received the IBM Excellence Award for Outstanding Growth in the IBM Security category at the IBM Think Digital 2020 conference. The award honors IBM Business Partners who have excelled in providing great client experiences as well as business success. The knowledge and applied experience of Qriar technology’s workforce, as well as critical, strategic alliances with market leaders like IBM, enabled them to develop long-term connections with their customers. Their entry into the American market was based on the same successful strategy that they used in Brazil.

“Challenges known as impossible make us unique as a company. We strive to deliver our best as part of the solution. Working as a team, we push ourselves to the unimaginable. “ says Almir Menezes, CEO at Qriar Technologies.

VLI, Brazil’s foremost rail-based logistics solutions provider, enlisted IBM Business Partner Qriar to assist with the integration and deployment of IBM Security Identity and Access Management products. VLI, like several other companies, faces the challenge of complying with hundreds of government laws and allowing access to IT systems to thousands of employees.

The logistics company partnered with Qriar and IBM to implement a portfolio of IAM technologies in order to enhance user access request response times by 99 percent (from 5 days to mere seconds)

Qriar has been working with VLI since the beginning of the RFP response process. It collaborates with the client throughout the project, from planning and defining the architecture through deploying, installing, configuring, and modifying IBM products to meet the client’s needs and best practices.

Many businesses and organizations are redefining themselves in a hyper-connected world to respond quickly to market, workforce, regulatory, and customer demands while grappling with skills shortages, pandemic/economic/political issues, privacy concerns, ransomware attacks, competitor moves, and other issues. Qriar Technologies’ main goal is to make it easy and secure for their customers to link people and devices to data and information.

It also acknowledges Self-Sovereign Identities (SSIs), which Qriar believes to be a possibility wherein businesses completely transform how they interact with customers in regards to personal information and privacy. SSIs make use of Blockchain and other technologies which give people control over their personal data, only sharing it with businesses when it’s absolutely necessary. Qriar Technologies aims to develop a solution akin to this as a response to privacy concerns and threats.

Qriar Technologies recognizes that each customer is unique and that while they face comparable difficulties, they also have diverse needs. Qriar’s strategy is to create full solutions that combine market-leading commercial technologies (from vendors such as IBM and others) with feasible, customized extensions and integrations to satisfy unique use cases and requirements. They may use their knowledge and experience to build the greatest possible protection for customer identities, IT assets, and data in this manner.

More than 50 businesses rely on Qriar to improve their security posture by completing more than 130 projects with a committed staff of 25 individuals that are entirely engaged and highly competent.

Qriar Technologies truly believes that by democratizing access to and use of convenient and robust cybersecurity solutions, they can do more not just for businesses, but for the entire population. Their goal is to enable people to use any available service anywhere in the world without the need for a government agent or a large corporation to certify their identity or to share sensitive information with those who don’t need it.