Quality Online Education Group- We provide the best online education in the world

Global connectivity has eroded former barriers erected by linguistic and cultural dissimilarity. In this current homogenized landscape, individual success is heavily reliant upon a person’s knowledge and training. Education packed together with a practical edge has become the only sustainable system that can allow us to effectively navigate through the modern world

“The best motivation for the development and application of technological innovation is when it is for the betterment of society; to help people in ways that were previously impossible.” says Alvin Chau, a member of the Board of Directors at QOEG.

The team at Quality Online Education Group has adopted various strategies to “provide the best online education in the world”. Beyond stating simple cliches, the facilities at QOEG are specifically targeted at providing the best in class English-based learning environment to their customer base. Their education modules embrace innovative technologies to provide a comprehensive virtual training platform for language development and practice.

The organization has deployed its services in China where the demands for restructuring the English language curriculum in schools have made itself deeply felt. Besides the growing market for proficient English tutoring facilities, the country also has the ideal technological bedrock to host a rapidly growing Online Education program. The latest advances in connectivity have allowed QOEG to reach students in the more remote parts of the nation and bring them the quality education they need.

Mr. Alvin Chau went on to cite that the reason behind their success lay in the organization’s keen interest in making education more accessible and comprehensive.  “It all starts with a passion for education. If that’s not your core motivation, then you’re in the wrong business” he said.

In the interest of designing integrated learning platforms, QOEG assigns only the most qualified language tutors all the way from North America to interact with students right across their computer screens. The improved two-way interaction between the mentor and the student paves the way for traditional learning with a personal touch in addition to the advanced amenities provided by modern technology. 

What truly sets them apart is that they assimilate advanced Artificial Intelligence and Big Data algorithms to equip each student with an individually tailored learning experience. Besides improving the student’s test scores and language fluency, this has had the added advantage of keeping the student interested in the subject. By incorporating predictive analysis and behavior learning analysis, the software can curate a curriculum package that can provide optimal understanding. In addition to these ingenious provisions, their programs are also embedded with AI systems that can account for variations in tones and accents. Some of these features are clearly well equipped for versatile utility, a major component for any company that is rapidly growing and expanding its market.

There are several online learning tools around. But only a select few have what it takes to get a child to truly learn and get a firm grasp on the subject. 

In order to fully immerse students in the learning experience, QOEG has designed games and animations which allow students to interact in English and instill a stronger foundation of the language. Through guided entertainment, students can absorb the language as a mode of communication and not merely as another subject. 

In addition to the online tutoring session with the teacher, pre-class and post-class exercises are also essential elements of the course.  Plenty of supplementary materials including storybooks, phonics sessions, and songs are also used to give added context to the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

The organization stays ahead of the competition by employing a well-rounded business model. Their operations and system designs are structured in a way that can be replicated in other cities or countries. With a worldwide tutor base across North America, the Philippines, and South Africa, they have set up a base in the major areas of interest.

Their growth and expansion have a clear set indication for a vested future in the field of education.