QueBIT – Analyze. Plan. Achieve

QueBIT is a trusted analytics firm dedicated to assisting enterprises in leveraging their data to make better-informed decisions that result in increased business value. QueBIT has provided analytics solutions to over 450 enterprises, including some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations. QueBIT works with clients to design unique solutions that work, specializing in IBM Cognos Solutions across North America. QueBIT employs best practices and cutting-edge technology to give businesses cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions.

The objective of QueBIT Consultancy is to be the leading provider of best-in-class Performance Management Solutions. They shall serve the interests of our customers, their business partners, their company, their colleagues, their families, and themselves to achieve this goal. QueBITl serves with zeal, humility, honesty, and accountability. They are always seeking new methods to improve our best practice skill set, and we look for ways to add value to our customers that go beyond the scope of work on every project.

Customers can obtain the lowest real cost of ownership by combining best practices implementation with added value. In several settings, QueBIT assists users in learning and developing their IBM Business Analytics skills. Customized courses provide training with a creative and flexible edge.

Client success is at the heart of our mission.  We listen to our clients and intensely focus our efforts on solving their business challenges. We hire the best talent we can find, we value our employees, and tirelessly work to create an inclusive culture of openness, collaboration, fun, and opportunity.” states Gary Quirke, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of QueBIT Consulting.

QueBIT tailors training to the demands of the client by employing generic or customized courses from the client’s data collection, giving them a creative and flexible training advantage. QueBIT’s major purpose is to enable users to be more productive. It can help an organization with all of the IBM Business Analytics training requirements, including Business Intelligence, TM1, Cognos Planning, and Cognos Finance.

QueBIT Consulting is a planning and analysis company, committed to giving businesses the tools they need to make better decisions and increase business value. Financial Planning, Sales and Operational Planning, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Reporting, Predictive Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence are some of the areas where QueBIT assists customers in successfully transitioning their business planning processes to take advantage of the latest innovations in planning solutions.

QueBIT employs a unique CARE methodology that coaches customers to achieve independence in solution ownership while delivering rapid time to value, whether they are a mid-market business looking for a roadmap to guide their digital transformation journey or a large enterprise with complex, large-scale modelling needs. ReportWORQ for AI, an automated report generation and delivery solution for Workday Adaptive Planning OfficeConnect report, is also developed by QueBIT.

QueBIT’s Business Analytics and Demand Planning system provide a user-friendly, interactive budgeting and planning environment with extremely accurate demand projections. Advanced statistical and machine learning approaches are used to make forecasts by the system.

QueBIT assists its clients to perform the core activity of planning, which includes setting goals, allocating resources and measuring, monitoring, and understanding performance. It provides Finance and Operations departments with gaining greater insights, eliminating errors, and freeing up time for analysis. For anticipating demand and optimizing pricing, it integrates predictive models powered by Machine Learning and AI technology.

Achilles by QueBIT gives the client a deeper understanding of their consumers, how they behave, and how one can build a relationship with them by using efficient pricing techniques.

Effective pricing of products and services is critical for keeping customers, increasing market share, and increasing revenue/gross profit. In a user-friendly, interactive interface, efficient price optimization software must be able to discover price adjustments that drive these business goals.

Another innovative product of QueBIT, ReQALL gives the client a quick and easy perspective into their processes, allowing them to discover the needle in an array of haystacks. Simple, efficient, and real-time: ReQALL enables a company to prevent future problems by proactively averting them and retroactively analyzing important data.

When it comes to important business processes, QueBIT’s belief is that the client shouldn’t have to compromise. Therefore, with IBM® Planning Analytics powered by IBM TM1, QueBIT Consulting collaborates with its clients to create solutions that are quick, adaptable, and reliable.