Rackspace Technology Appoints Amar Maletira as CEO

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Replacing the former president, Kevin Jones, who had held the title since 2019, is Amar Maletira. With brilliant management and leadership experience in the field, Maletira is sure to accentuate the business up to its full potential. 

In the past, Maletira has brought several businesses to become multi-billion-dollar companies. At Rackspace Technology, Maletira already contributed to designing the new operational model with a go-forward strategy. This promotion from Chief Finance Officer (CFO) to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is now one of many well-deserved prestigious titles earned by Maletira in his successful 25 years in the industry. 

As Kevin Jones steps down from the position, Maletira is to assume multiple roles until a worthy successor is appointed as CFO. Being ranked the CFO of the Year by Silicon Valley Business Journal (2016) and #1 CFO in Mid-Cap (2019), the CFO position is going to be big shoes to fill.

Having attained his BS degree in Karnataka University, India and his MBA at the University of Michigan, Maletira has had a focused and strategic career. Since then, he has shown driven passion and immense perseverance at VIAVI Solutions, Inc., Hewlett-Packard (HP), Siemens, and HCL-Picker in India. Without a single bad year, Maletira has consistently performed beyond measure and invigorated businesses with his insightful and strategic expertise in finance. 

A leader must be headstrong, directive, and passionate. As CFO, Maletira did just that. Seeing falling share prices over the last year, Maletira, as CEO, is a ray of hope. Having pioneered his previous roles in other companies, he is destined to decrease the widening losses at Rackspace Technology. 

The cloud engineering service company designs, builds, and manages applications, data, and security. Its mission is to deliver the future to empower customers with multi-cloud solutions. Since 1998, Rackspace Technology has been a consistently leading tech-solutions provider, despite drastic developments in the cloud industry. Offering expertise before the rise of AWS, Rackspace Technology is the idea of three brilliant engineers from Trinity University. Now operating out of four of five continents with over 6,000 employees, their services are widely used in over 120 countries. 

Having joined the large and diverse team of tech experts in November 2020, Amar Maletira shows promise as a powerful leader. With expertise in operational management, sales, and business development, Amar assumes the challenge of new responsibilities and greater control with immediate effect. With key partners like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in their confidence, Rackspace Technology is ready to implement Amar’s new approaches. As Amar continues the ongoing restructuring plan, he is bound to broaden the horizons of the company. 

With a business expert at the forefront of a company that already serves more than 50% of the Fortune 500, the engineering services company might see a change of direction in their growth and finances. On to Amar Maletira to galvanize a company with leading technical acumen in the multi-cloud industry; the future, Rackspace Technology.

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