Radware Cybersecurity: The Path to Complete Protection In A Constantly Evolving World

Technology is only as good as its strongest line of defense. The massive boom in online spaces and computer networking has often seen an unprecedented and even unparalleled level of growth in advanced hacking algorithms and infiltration systems. This underlying threat to the global market and individual security has always been intrinsically linked with the growth of cybersecurity systems. 

Industries have been forced to confront the impending threat over data integrity and security breaches, with barriers that surpass regular firewall systems. Innovation and foresight have always been the fundamental drivers combating the rising challenge of security infringement. At Radware, this challenge is met with exemplary data services designed by the finest teams of security experts.

Radware is, without a fragment of doubt, among the world’s foremost when it comes to expertise in the framework and development of cybersecurity systems and application delivery solutions. With over two decades of award-winning specialization in Virtual, Cloud, and Software-defined data, Radware Ltd. is indubitably a global leader in the time of the digital revolution.

Radware’s cybersecurity solutions have long been defined by excellence, ever since it expanded its services to offer Security Systems in 2002. The American-Israeli company specializes in reimagining digital security environments to keep pace with the rapid changes of the Silicon Era. Its global foothold stands testament to its advanced technological grasp of market challenges.

The co-founder and CEO of Radware, Roy Zisapel, is a firm proponent of revolutionary thinking and strategies that truly engage real-world challenges.“A lot of the development will be done on crowd wisdom and crowd analytics” he predicted as he led the company into a new age of cyber threat mitigation. 

“Recognizing the behavior of an intruder, rather than relying on digital signatures, will prove to be a better way to prevent hackers from creating havoc in IT systems.” This precept is the core foundation upon which the Radware security algorithms have been staged. 

The unrelenting demand for innovative and fast security solutions is met with integrated resources to create safe technological spaces that stress assured business continuity and productivity. The individual services currently offered by Radware include Data Center Protection, Application Protection, Public Cloud Protection, and Application Delivery.

The Radware Data Center Protection solution ensures that the quality of the digital experience is marked by consistent service availability. Data Center malfunction could mean lost revenue, a damaged reputation, or worse; dissatisfied customers.

Radware designs behavioral-based technologies that nullify even the most complex DDoS attacks. From on-premise data centers to private and public clouds Radware strives to prevent malicious interpretations of valuable data. As it endeavors to shield digital systems and networks, with centralized reporting, and even deploys emergency response teams in the event of a serious breach.

Applications have become the foundation of eCommerce, cloud productivity, and, of course, mobile devices. The need for advanced security is prominent in this technology-reliant age and in order to shield crucial information from harmful bots, an application protection solution is required. 

The  Application Protection suite at Radware offers solutions for WAF, Bot, and API protection. It stays ahead of application changes and automatically adapts to changing and challenging threats.

Public cloud environments have become integral to collective business work efforts, and entail a whole different spectrum of cybersecurity threats as compared to conventional environments. At Radware, the Public Cloud Protection Systems keep up with DevOps in a dynamic framework, to safeguard cloud platforms from misconfigurations, malicious activity, data theft, and excessive permissions, with specialized, multi-faceted tools.

Controlling applications and networks on a multi-layered cloud system can get pretty chaotic within a secure environment. The advanced Alteon Multi-Cloud ADC (Application Delivery Controller) from Radware ensures the security of application SLAs, that proactively reinforce the integrity of the cloud-based business environments.

Radware has been a provider of dynamic and insightful solutions to its worldwide customer base, which includes an array of esteemed companies like Brinkster, Traveltainment, Accuweather, and TeraGo. Its dynamic Infiltration Resistance Systems have won a series of prestigious awards, the most recent of their achievements being their highest ranking in ‘Gartner’s 2020 Critical Capabilities for Cloud Web Application and API Protection.’ 

At Radware, the business-aligned precision security systems converge all the key features that add up to peak efficiency by radicalizing the elimination of security blindspots and meet the highest levels of cybersecurity standards.