Rakuten Super Logistics – eCommerce Fulfillment Center & 3PL Services

As one of the fastest-growing shipping companies, ShipNetwork (previously Rakuten Super Logistics) is on a mission to transform the shipping arena. The demand for advanced solutions has also increased with the rapidly changing e-commerce landscape. ShipNetwork understands current requirements and provides clients with scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.

Devin Johnson, a renowned figure in the e-commerce industry, recently acquired Ratuken Super Logistics, which will now function under the brand name ShipNetwork. The acquisition will allow the clients of all three 3PL figures—Ratuken Super Logistics, ShipNetwork, and FirstMile (ShipNetwork’s sister company)—to access the full benefits of domestic and international transportation amenities.

Online retailers need quick and efficient services that keep their clients satisfied and give them a boost in the competitive market. ShipNetwork delivers accurate, speedy, and practical distribution solutions that believe in a borderless e-commerce world. As a leading shipping and freight brokerage, ShipNetwork offers e-commerce retailers to operate conveniently and accurately, reducing shipping costs and times and increasing positive customer feedback.

With its state-of-the-art technology and cloud-based channels, ShipNetwork integrates its latest digital tools with major e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Shopify, Magento, eBay, and Walmart. ShipNetwork’s fast and safe nationwide delivery, lower shipping costs, automated order routing, unmatched services, and customer support experts allow retailers to grow their business, increase sales, and secure a loyal and satisfied clientele.

Founded in 2001, ShipNetwork has made a respected and reliable name in the shipping industry. Its decades of expertise and knowledge allow it to understand market trends, client needs, and the demand for advanced technology. A pioneer in the shipping and logistics landscape, ShipNetwork values client relationships. From daily interactions with the client support team to regular check-ins with its partners, ShipNetwork delivers creative and innovative fulfillment solutions.

We assume responsibility for warehousing, warehouse technology, fulfillment, and shipping expertise. For our clients, that means their entire focus can be on ensuring that their e-commerce businesses run at optimal capacity and continue to prosper,” said Devin Johnson, CEO and Owner of ShipNetwork.

ShipNetwork’s services range from order fulfillment services to lot tracking. The company delivers services that cover the entire shipping lifecycle and combat the existing challenges hindering the sector. ShipNetwork’s order fulfillment services ensure a hundred percent order accuracy, guaranteeing a positive customer journey and booming online reviews. The company’s services cover 98 percent of the United States within two days through ground shipping, delivering goods quickly and safely.

With its order fulfillment services, ShipNetwork creates a nationwide network of e-commerce centers that provide easily accessible and optimal locations for product port entry and the ideal shipping network to deliver the product to its final destination. ShipNetwork’s logistics experts provide a shipping analysis and compare insights, allowing retailers to improve delivery times and shipping costs as and when required.

Xparcel, another valuable weapon in ShipNetwork’s arsenal, allows e-commerce retailers to reduce carrier costs. Xparcel services match the most effective service with the optimum price for every package. Since every retailer has different requirements and needs, ShipNetwork uses Xparcel to customize its tools according to the retailer’s shipping and delivery needs without additional costs.

ShipNetwork’s logistics team has established a reliable network of national and regional shipping carriers, including local carriers, DPS, DHL, and USPS. Xparcel uses a specialized algorithm to study an item’s weight, dimensions, origins, destination, and nature (hazardous or non-hazardous). Xparcel analyzes the parcel’s report to choose the best and ideal shipping services, saving time and resources.

Many retailers experience losses due to their fixed rates, leading to unsatisfied customers. However, Xparcel lets online retailers offer comparable shipping rates to their customers without extra or increasing costs. Instead of spending time and money on finding the optimum shipping rates or methods, ShipNetwork, through Xparcel, allows e-commerce retailers to grow and scale their business efficiently and correctly.

The shipping and logistics leader simplifies long and complex return procedures with its return management services. Returns are part and parcel of running an e-commerce business. Even if a retailer has a low return frequency, it will hardly ever be zero.

The parcel return procedure is an integral aspect of e-commerce. Over 90 percent of online consumers cite a user-friendly and straightforward return experience as a positive feature. ShipNetwork guarantees a stellar customer experience with quick return management services. Be it individual or bulk returns, ShipNetwork allows retailers to control their returns and quality checks, including return to inventory, removing damaged goods, and collecting and sending specific goods to specified locations.

With its kitting services, ShipNetwork provides kits that increase sales. Its kitting services comprise merging multiple times into a single, unique SKU. Retailers can kit their products in their warehouse management system virtually or implement them in pre-packaged sets manually. ShipNetwork’s growing fulfillment center network enables efficient inbound and outbound shipment transportation through major ports in metropolitan areas.

ShipNetwork manages subscription box fulfillment needs. Its subscription fulfillment services control shipping, monthly product rates, and quality control checks. ShipNetwork’s subscription box fulfillment delivers organized inventory management, customized boxes, quick and flexible delivery, regular box tracking, and low subscription box costs using Xparcel.

Every e-commerce retailer needs exceptional freight services for financially feasible and convenient freight transportation mediums. ShipNetwork’s SmartFreight provides economic and safe freight management at low freight prices. Instead of shopping for comparative rates, ShipNetwork will find competitive prices for less-than-truckload (LTL) and full-truckload (FTL) shipments.

In addition to order fulfillment, kitting, return management, Xparcel, and freight services, ShipNetwork delivers additional 3PL solutions, such as lot tracking, temperature control, and custom services. Lot tracking allows manufacturers to track the expiration date and manage product lots based on the supply chain.

ShipNetwork’s climate-controlled fulfillment centers are air-conditioned warehouses. The warehouse has a regulated temperature and alerts notifying about temperature fluctuations. Finally, keeping every online retailer’s personal requirements at the forefront, ShipNetwork designs customized solutions catering to unique business models and objectives.

The logistics company might be based in Nevada but believes in borderless transportation. One of ShipNetwork’s clients, Headlights Depot, an automotive service provider, needed a secure supply chain. The company was experiencing rough manufacturing and transit times, an imbalanced out-of-stock and over-stock ratio, and a 5x rise in container freight costs.

ShipNetwork helped Headlights Depot manage inventory across its warehouse chain by optimizing space and handling storage rates. ShipNetwork organized distribution and labor challenges throughout the global pandemic, reduced freight costs, and increased sales. With the help of ShipNetwork’s services and solutions, Headlights Depot added four fulfillment locations, improved customer service, decreased transit days, and lowered outbound shipping prices.