Recruiterbox- Keep your hiring in one place

Getting a better, all-round understanding of employee-related processes is one of the foundation stones of any organization’s future. HR tech is an exceptional tool that ensures both success and progress, in a way that benefits employees and HR administrators alike.

It streamlines the organization process, and alleviates the burden of HR professionals, giving them more room to focus on improving productivity, engaging with employees, and optimizing the recruitment process.

Recruiterbox is an easy to use, automated, applicant tracking software, designed by Trakstar – a multi-product HR software provider that helps enterprises align goals, through powerful, user-friendly performance management tools.

Recruiterbox is a revolutionary product that can be effortlessly customized to suit every aspect of a company’s unique recruiting functions, from job postings, application processes, and resume management, to interview scheduling, hiring, and onboarding procedures. The platform is based on the principle that hiring works best when people collaborate and make informed decisions together.

Currently, more than two thousand companies around the world use Recruiterbox to hire the best candidates, through a simple, predictable, and hassle-free recruitment process. As stated by the company’s poised and dynamic CEO Julie Rieken, The people that work here, their styles and values, and the environment they work in – all eventually reflect in the product. Recruiterbox has the edge over standard, cumbersome recruitment software as all of its features are rooted in three fundamental aspects:

  • Web-based tracking: Unlike most recruitment software, Recruiterbox is completely web-based, making it more efficient to use. The unwieldy processes of downloading, installing, maintaining, and updating software are eliminated.
  • Intuitive software: Recruiterbox was designed to function efficiently, without interfering with day-to-day HR operations. It helps automate workflows effortlessly.
  • Customization: The adaptable product offers feature plans that are tailor-made to suit unique needs, to offer the best version of the product at a reasonable price.

Created by a skilled team of experts with over ten years of experience in the hiring and recruiting industry, Recruiterbox includes impressive, user-friendly features that help meet its goals of quick, informed decisions through actionable, detail-oriented insights. These cohesive features together complement the Recruiterbox’s ATS, including resume management, candidate sourcing, recruitment scheduling, offer management, collaborative recruiting, and career site management.

The Resume Management feature enables companies to accept resumes in all formats including DOC, PDF, RTF, and HTML, and then automatically create a detailed candidate profile by extracting resume details. It also allows HR teams to search for words or phrases across multiple profiles,  automatically identify and merge duplicate applications.

With Recruiterbox’s Candidate Sourcing feature, HR professionals can seamlessly post free and sponsored openings to job boards, broadcast openings on social media and career sites, track referrals, and involve external recruiters in the process without any inconvenience.

The Recruitment Scheduling feature comes with practical and convenient software integrations such as with Office 365 Calendar, GSuite, Slack, and Checkr. It also includes standardized email templates, shared calendars, automated notifications, and alerts about pending tasks.

To efficiently create coherent assessment questionnaires to help shortlist potential candidates, and delegate different stages of the hiring process to different team members, Recruiterbox offers the Offer Management feature. It also facilitates e-signatures, and candidates can sign on-the-go, from their preferred devices.

Collaborative Recruiting empowers companies to collect and analyze interview feedback from multiple hiring teams. Key documents containing potential candidates’ profiles can be shared, and varying perspectives related to hiring decisions can be compared, in one comprehensive location.

 Companies can effortlessly streamline the hiring process using mobile-friendly job widgets, openings API (Application Programming Interface), and custom application forms, using Recruiterbox’s Careers Site Management feature. This feature maximizes the organization’s ability to customize job openings, push updates to different job hiring networks and build custom forms with questions that specifically cater to different job descriptions or roles.

Recruiterbox is packed with potent, yet simple, user-friendly features, that help any organization beautifully orchestrate the hiring process. With automated reminders, customizable workflows, and reporting that highlights the perfect talents for a company, Recruiterbox not just builds a product, but also a company.