Renaissance – Network Reinvent

The biggest dilemma in the telecom market is the balancing act between Service, Quality, and Cost. Telecom customers want next-generation features like 5G, but they also want the lowest possible service costs. Customers often switch providers because of price. As a result, service providers are faced with the issue of keeping costs down while spending resources wisely in customer-driven service transformation. This is where Renaissance is making the transformation happen. It focuses on reducing legacy asset operational costs so that its customers can focus on Next Generation Service deployments.

Reverse engineering products and forward engineering solutions that drive businesses into the future. Renaissance Repair & Supply’s solutions assist clients in gaining clarity around product and network change. Using a different set of lenses, the company assesses the quality of its clients’ current complete network and how its services integrate into that ecosystem, not just on one aspect. Instead of fixing potholes, the organization makes inroads into its client’s network.

Renaissance creates repair solutions with attention to detail that is often missed, based on the principles of technical engineering prowess. It removes myopic attention by looking at things from a variety of perspectives. For every card not scraped, a 5% or lower scrap rate across all items results in tens of thousands of dollars in savings for its customers. The organization believes that networks do not thrive on low-cost solutions. Instead, intelligent solutions are what actually works!

Renaissance’s flexible business model enables it to respond to changing Telecom Service Demands. By providing an elastic approach for deployment, redeployment, spare, maintenance, and warranty support, the company stays ahead of the curve in tackling IoT machine to machine OEMs and service providers’ scale.

The organization relieves Service Providers of the burden of managing legacy installed bases, allowing them to focus on 5G Network Transformation. On wireless backhaul and optical networks, Renaissance is reputed to extend ROI.

What makes Renaissance Repair & Supply popular among its customers is that the organization treats its customers as business partners by giving them complete control over the lifecycle of their respective business networks. Renaissance’s process-driven solutions keep networks up and running so they may change at their own speed.

The capacity to focus on driving value into the future is a sign of great leadership. Leaders at Renaissance think differently. The Renaissance executive leadership team is made up of seasoned high-tech industry experts who each bring a distinct perspective to assist solve even the most difficult problems. A group that laughs together, builds together, and even keeps it together (on occasion)!

Len Anderson, the founder, president, and CEO of Renaissance Repair and Supply, once famously said, “Don’t worry about matching your socks when your hair is on fire.”

This shows how much emphasis he puts on getting the job done, irrespective of the situation someone’s facing. The company is in good hands, with Anderson coming up with innovative ways to solve its global clients  most complex engineering problems.

Where breadth meets agility. The company is committed to improving its ability to adapt to its customers’ evolving needs. IoT, 4G to 5G Network Transformation, Next Generation Optical, and Distributed Cloud Infrastructure are the focus points of Renaissance’s efforts. Extending its global footprint is what drives Renaissance to disrupt how the industry works. The ability to expand into international markets with ease means Renaissance’s clients benefit from: quick response to fluctuating demand, economies of scale, and risk management – while reducing their operating expenses.

Renaissance provides service solutions to every major carrier in the world.  It takes pride in having the lowest scrap rate, the greatest on-time delivery rate, and 24/7 global logistics. It engineers the most sustainable solutions that consider total cost of ownership. Its reputation is built on reinventing clients’ networks for the future, guided by three timeless pillars: “Rethink, Redesign, and Reengineer”.