Reuters Events: Digital Health 2023 – San Diego

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CIOCoverage is an official Media Partner with Digital Health 2023 starting from May 16th 2023.

It’s a painful moment for healthcare. We face rampant burn out, squeezed operating margins, unhappy patients, massive cost pressures and more competition than ever as disruptors continue to flood the market with convenient, accessible care options.

It’s high time we collaborate around Digital Health. We must listen, take note and work to implement the changes that our care staff and consumers demand to force the disruptive change required. Fixing our broken healthcare system demands a collective effort to connect disparate data, streamline clinical workflows, slash costs, and zero in on consumer orientated, digitally enabled care delivery.

Reuters Events: Digital Health USA 2023 (May 16-17, San Diego) hosts 300+ digital leaders over two intensive days of collaborating, networking, and learning opportunities tailored to digital, strategy, innovation, transformation, information, information security, data science backgrounds, to help accelerate the transformation that our consumers desire and our care teams deserve.

Event Link – Digital Health 2023


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