Revel Systems – Cloud-Based POS System | iPad POS Software

In today’s world, two factors determine the success of businesses: technology and customer experience. As one of the top POS solution providers, Revel Systems combines both. Restaurants aim to satisfy their consumers, and Revel Systems assists them. With its POS and business management system, Revel Systems empowers restaurants, food outlets, and retailers using unique and practical solutions.

Restaurants face multiple challenges daily, from labor shortages to changing consumer patterns. Revel Systems considers this while designing innovative products that improve businesses’ day-to-day operations, increase growth, streamline processes, integrate inventory management, report sales, and manage employees on a single platform.

Revel’s ecosystem focuses on maximizing security, enabling stability, and creating a user-friendly service and delivery experience. Instead of bulky, traditional, outdated solutions, Revel’s iOS-based platform merges cloud-based tools and device mobility.

Whether small merchants or global enterprises, everyone requires a sustainable working model. Revel modernizes their operations through an integrated system that generates profits and better customer and employee journeys. Through its multiple solutions, Revel offers both generalized assistance and customized help tailored to individual company requirements.

Revel System’s Point of Sale solution provides a centralized platform for adapting to customer needs and maintaining business growth. This medium helps future-proof business operations. Its agile network enables remote management, allowing restaurateurs to manage their outlets anytime and anywhere, instantly obtain critical data, and receive and send updates with a single click.

The Point of Sale platform improves workflows by maximizing efficiency and service speed, removing extra or unnecessary data, and improving the consumer experience. Its intuitive interface trains recruits in minutes, makes urgent files accessible, and speeds up transactions.

Even during these very demanding times, major brands realize the need to move away from solutions that hamper their ability to meet rapidly changing consumer needs. Revel has become the leading choice for large chains, who want to move from legacy solutions to a cloud-based POS,” said Greg Dukat, CEO of Revel Systems.

Revel’s contactless online and mobile ordering solution enhances the off-premise customer experience and increases profits through end-to-end branding touchpoints that merge directly with the point of sale. Its Online Ordering XT feature brings the point of sale to customers and enables digital ordering shifts.

With its customized menus for online orders, restaurateurs can easily access customer data, allowing them to understand their order behaviors. Additionally, this tool makes real-time menu updates remotely, ensures menu items display when available, and regularly updates new products.

With Online Ordering XT, user account data for online orders remains with restaurateurs so that they can use customer information to send personalized offers or promotional codes. It also enables customers to re-order their favorite items with a single click. Online Ordering XT integrates third-party and CRM systems to connect orders with inventory, preventing the ordering of out-of-stock items. It also connects to Revel’s Kitchen Display System.

The Kitchen Display System is another unique Revel solution. It synchronizes a restaurant’s POS and KDS to ensure rapid order management. It also utilizes inventory and sales reports to enable intelligent reporting that provides menu change insights. This tool improves order accuracy by allowing open communication between front-and-back teams. Its customization feature personalizes workflows and re-arranges order numbers according to priorities and service demands.

Revel Systems’ Digital Delivery Management solution improves the consumer experience by allowing them to track their order and receive real-time updates. This feature provides delivery insights on a single dashboard, includes a driver application to fulfill deliveries and monitor routes, and lets restaurants hire employees to deliver orders. Additionally, Digital Delivery Management automates customer communication by sending emails and SMS texts directly to them. Food outlets use this tool to maximize profits by integrating it into their POS.

Revel has transformed the workflow of multiple restaurants. One of its clients encountered challenges modifying and upgrading its menus, consisting of customizable salads and wraps with over thirty ingredients. Revel Systems helped the client take orders quickly at the counter, over the phone, or digitally while tracking their ingredients, regardless of seasonal availability. The client also used Revel’s reporting tools to monitor real-time KPIs, analyze specific time frames, and ask for tech support during POS glitches.