RingCentral: Message. Video. Phone.

Globalization is the newest trend in the current times. With the advent of connectivity via technological means, companies now want to hire international employees to bring home ideas beyond culture and geographical borders.

RingCentral Inc acknowledged the importance of remote work, international connectivity, and an inclusive digital space beyond the brick and mortar building. The company is one of the most intuitive video conferencing platforms, a pure cloud communication platform with diverse features of voice, texts, other collaborative features, and a contact center.

The uniqueness of the company lies in its click-to-dial functionality, enabling an instant video call via a single click. RingCentral Inc. recognizes the significance of data privacy and volatility of the associated business reputation. Therefore, its cloud communication services are encrypted in seven layers alongside 24/7 active technical support to monitor phishing attacks or functional errors.

The company has always been open to integrations for better communication features. The Connect Platform Partner Program(CP3) program was launched by RingCentral Inc. to empower its associate software developers to build APIs and SDKs at their convenience. The company was the first one to build the largest UCaaS(Unified Communications as a service) of ISV(Independent Software Vendor) who continue to contribute innovatively to the forum, expanding its working hemisphere, and thus, productivity.

The present times have eliminated the need for huge machinery, the inclusion of telecom services, and SLAs for bridging on-board advanced facilities for commercial businesses. With the cloud-based solutions of  RingCentral Inc., technical requirements and communication costs are minimized whereas ROI is increased to various folds.

The company is focused on developing industry-based cloud communication solutions. For education, RingCentral Inc. has dedicated services that simulate physical classes. With provisions of whiteboard sharing, classroom recordings, instant messages, and unlimited conference options, the company leverages technology for teaching. This is a part of the company’s noble vision to achieve the goal of education for all by reaching their screens, if not their home.

Ring Central’s healthcare services include instant virtual connectivity between patients and doctors, tools to fetch resources for clinical trials and scale them. In the finance sector, the company supports FINRA-regulated requirements for customer data security. Government, retail, and manufacturing are some other industries that are on the radar of the company.

“We are reimagining the world of communications by breaking down barriers and empowering businesses across the globe to work as one. Our rapid growth and journey to global industry leader are largely thanks to our number one asset—our people. That’s why we invest heavily in a dynamic and diverse company culture that creates amazing job opportunities,” says Vlad Shmunis, Founder and CEO of RingCentral Inc.

Innovation can be serendipity but scaling it needs a strategy. Since the company itself started as a startup, it appreciates the contributions of new-age entrepreneurs who are setting the benchmarks of innovation. The RingCentral Ventures is focused on nurturing such inventors working on developing cloud communication solutions with guidance from experts, funding opportunities, and numerous networking prospects.

Besides a massive client base, the company has numerous accolades to its name. RingCentral Inc. has been ranking among the best in the Media North American UCaaS Leadership Scorecard for the last 4 years. The company has been consistently ranking as a leader in Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 UCaaS Radar Reports for North America for 9 years consecutively. Last but not least the company again led the Gartner Magic Quadrant Unified Communications as a Service award for the seventh time in a row. Another feather to their cap was the Top 2021 Corporate Philanthropist award for their excellent contribution to the community.