Riskonnect Inc. – Risk Management Software Solutions

Navigating the intricacies of risk and compliance has become a crucial aspect of contemporary business operations. In an environment where challenges and uncertainties abound, organizations seek a unified and robust solution to manage these complexities seamlessly. Riskonnect Inc. is a key player in the realm of integrated risk management. It stands at the forefront, providing comprehensive solutions that consolidate risk and compliance management, empowering organizations with unparalleled insights for making confident decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Riskonnect’s integrated risk management solutions act as a cohesive force, consolidating various facets of risk – be it insured, noninsured, strategic, or operational. The platform enables organizations to anticipate, assess, address, and act upon risks efficiently. By connecting people, systems, and data, Riskonnect offers a clear view of risk across the extended enterprise, fostering a deeper understanding of potential threats.

Riskonnect provides a suite of solutions that covers the entire spectrum of risk management, including Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance, Policy Management, Third-Party Risk Management, Internal Audit, Project Risk Management, Business Continuity & Resilience, Risk Management Information System (RMIS), Claims Administration, Health & Safety, and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG).

At Riskonnect, we orchestrate a unified platform, transforming risk into a strategic advantage. Our commitment is to provide clarity and confidence in decision-making, navigating the complexities of business with precision.  — Jim Wetekamp, CEO

RMIS provides a strategic advantage by offering data, analytics, and insights to turn risk into a tangible asset. The platform enables users to focus their time on analysis rather than data chasing, communicate seamlessly across the organization, and make confident decisions with easily actionable information.

The company’s Claims Administration software streamlines the claims process from intake to settlement. By automating tasks, reducing workflow complexity, and facilitating collaboration, the platform ensures quicker, easier, and fair resolution of even the most complex claims. This not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to significant cost savings.

The Health & Safety software by Riskonnect systematically improves safety, reduces incidents, and enhances safety awareness. It simplifies compliance by providing preloaded protocols and automatic data transfers, ensuring worry-free adherence to regulatory requirements.

Navigating the complex landscape of compliance is a daunting task. Riskonnect’s Regulatory Compliance Team offers dedicated support to achieve and maintain compliance. From the First Report of Injury (FROI) and Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI) to CMS Section 111 reporting, the team proactively monitors changes, resolves issues, and ensures adherence to critical claims regulatory requirements.

Riskonnect’s Compliance software empowers organizations to manage regulatory issues proactively. Instantly assessing compliance status, staying informed about regulatory changes, and facilitating seamless communication aid organizations in defending against regulatory fines and other potential damages.

The company’s Risk Analytics and Insights software provides decision-ready risk intelligence. By visualizing complex data, customizing dashboards, and utilizing predictive analytics, the platform enables organizations to understand the story behind the data, build meaningful reports, and make data-driven decisions.

A recent Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting on a Riskonnect customer revealed total savings of US$442,975, including the depreciation of old systems, a 10% improvement in claims processing efficiency, and over 40 hours per month in time savings. This underscores the company’s efficiency in streamlining processes and reducing operational costs.

Riskonnect’s recent acquisition of Ventiv, supported by its majority investor TA Associates, has positioned the company to create a comprehensive suite of risk management tools. The move underscores Riskonnect’s commitment to advancing its capabilities and providing tailored solutions to diverse business sectors.

Riskonnect Inc. stands as a frontrunner in the realm of integrated risk management, offering organizations a powerful platform to navigate the complexities of risk and compliance. With a focus on reducing costs, streamlining processes, and providing actionable insights, the company empowers organizations to make informed decisions that safeguard their future, reputation, and strategic growth. In an era where compliance is non-negotiable and risks are ever-evolving, Riskonnect’s comprehensive solutions provide a robust foundation for organizations to thrive amidst uncertainty.