RoomRaccoon – Hotel Management Software | All-in-one Solution

Hotels have various operations, and monitoring them all is bound to become complicated, whether you run a small or a large establishment. Implementing a forward-looking system that matches your needs is of the essence. As a leading provider of sophisticated hotel management software, RoomRaccoon aims to help hotels maximize operational efficiency and optimize their revenue. The company’s cloud-based solutions cater to various aspects of the business, from bookings to payments to insights.

Deploying different apps and software for different business functions consumes time and energy. RoomRaccoon offers an all-in-one platform that facilitates property management, cost reduction, and guest satisfaction enhancement. Moreover, it embraces automation to expedite processes like accounting and upselling.

Often, familiarizing hotel staff with new software can be confusing and time-consuming. Hotel technology should bolster operations from the get-go, not delay them by baffling or intimidating users on account of its impenetrability. Although it executes a host of complex functions, RoomRaccoon is simple to teach, learn, and use. These factors bolster its appeal and render it suitable for immediate implementation.

RoomRaccoon possesses numerous integrative capabilities. A company can integrate the system with booking channels (like Agoda, Airbnb, Booking, Google Hotel Ads, Expedia, and Trip Advisor) and accounting, venue management, and CRM software.

The company originated in 2017 in Breda, North Brabant, Netherlands, and operates offices in Massachusetts (USA) and Ontario (Canada). In its five-year trajectory, HotelTechAwards declared its software the Best All-in-1 Hotel Management System two years in a row (2020 and 2021). In 2021, the company also won the Hoteliers’ Choice Award.

“RoomRaccoon was founded by an independent hotel owner who understood the real struggles faced by hoteliers. This led to a drive to find a solution that really works — and we found one! We’re here to make a difference in the hotel industry. We can provide you with technology solutions that elevate every aspect of your property. Your business, your guests, your staff,” says Tymen van Dyl, CEO and Founder of RoomRaccoon.

O’Two, a luxury boutique hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, has been using RoomRaccoon since its inception in 2019. The simplicity of the operating system from the front and back end helped improve operational efficiency, allowing the hotel to focus on the guest experience. The 34-bedroom establishment acclaimed the software for its customization options that allow the hotel to establish a digital look and feel and thus initiate a guest experience from the moment of online booking itself.

Clouds Estate, another boutique hotel in Stellenbosch, South Africa, moved to RoomRaccoon and recorded an inflow of direct bookings due to improved online visibility. The 14-room boutique establishment is tapping into the Upsell feature to promote its special offerings, such as its restaurant, wine tasting, and spa treatments. RoomRaccoon went the extra mile by visiting the client to appraise themselves of the advantages of the cloud management system and identify areas for improvement.

Mint Hotels uses RoomRaccoon for its four properties across South Africa. As it is a cloud-based system, it has spared them the space and maintenance on-premises servers would have occupied and involved. Moreover, if the computer systems go down, RoomRaccoon is functional on tablets and phones. Being able to perform bulk and individual updates in a matter of seconds has empowered the team. They have also identified the perks of upselling between hotels through the software. As the app communicates the hotels’ most popular booking times, the marketing and advertising team plan and up their social media game in advance.

With clients demonstrating a 43% increase in direct bookings, a 15% climb in RevPAR, 50+ user logins, and 1,500+ happy customers, RoomRaccoon is revolutionizing how hotels do business. As such, it is looking at a promising and profitable future in the hotel technology industry.