ServiceNow – The world works with ServiceNow™

Making “the world of work, work better for people”, ServiceNow is committed to developing a cloud solution that will support and integrate all workflows in its customer service operations. It is a cloud platform that provides digital processes, resulting in amazing experiences and increased productivity. It believes that this is the future of business.

ServiceNow’s platform provides a smarter approach to workflow across all sectors because it believes that when workflows naturally, exceptional experiences follow. It takes pride in ushering its clients into a new age of employee and customer experiences, allowing the Now Platform to spearhead the digital workflow revolution.

ServiceNow was founded in 2004 with the goal of creating a cloud-based platform that allows the average person to successfully route their workflow throughout the organization. It is now a platform that fosters a unified employee experience in order to increase productivity by harmonizing workers, their processes, and the organization’s technology to allow employees to work whenever and wherever they choose.

Employee performance is improved by allowing them to work from anywhere using a multi-departmental employee portal that provides a uniform experience across any digital medium. With the aid of digital workspaces, ServiceNow offers a hybrid workspace and a hybrid work style, consequently enhancing employee engagement.

It also promotes employee experience throughout their employment, which means it engages employees and helps care for them before, during, and after business hours. ServiceNow has been successful in altering the working environment and employee journeys by supporting and engaging employees through tailored, in-moment experiences.

“At ServiceNow, we believe in making work, work better for people. Let people work the way they want to, not how most software dictates they have to. Let people easily build the experiences they dream of. It’s all about workflow. Behind every great experience is a great workflow. Orchestrating complex workflows means enabling existing systems and processes across your business to work better together. It means designing workflows that work the way your business needs, enabling the experiences your employees want and your customers expect,” says Bill McDermott, CEO.

The benefits of integrating ServiceNow’s solutions into an organization’s in-place work systems are abundant. The Now Platform enables smarter and quicker processes. Organizations are enabled to unleash the power of AI and analytics in order to surface information, make predictions, and automate repetitive processes, allowing them to focus only on strategic work.

With its simple, omnichannel experiences that are as easy to use and as accessible as ordinary consumer apps, ServiceNow assures the delivery of engaging experiences, assisting organizations in attaining new levels of user and employee satisfaction and performance.

With the support of a single, unified platform, it enables enterprises and their workers to automate, expand, and construct digital workflow applications. ServiceNow’s trusted cloud software also assures data privacy and protection, allowing organizations to operate with the certainty of safety and security.

ServiceNow provides IT workflows, employee workflows, customer workflows, and creator workflows via its wide range of products and services. Organizations may use IT workflow services to unlock the potential of IT and revolutionize their business with digital IT processes. This aids in the modernization of operations to enhance efficiency, cost, and resilience using a single IT platform.

ServiceNow embeds intelligence into every encounter to break down silos and unlock efficiency and agility. It also contributes to improving employee morale, retaining employees at a 34% higher rate.

With its Now Platform, ServiceNow is one of the top firms that is bringing organizational solutions to life, effortlessly linking people, functions, and systems for digital organizations. It orchestrates complicated cross-enterprise workflows that enable outstanding employee and customer experiences, resulting in a smarter workflow.