Shift Technology – Decisions Made Better

As a leading insurance tech company, Shift Technology believes in reshaping the insurance climate. Today’s insurance is governed by the need for accessibility and customer satisfaction. Industries worldwide aim for efficiency and high returns. Shift Technology works diligently to provide efficient services to its clients to make their operations more manageable.

Since 2014, Shift Technology has been a pioneer of artificial intelligence-driven solutions for the betterment of the global insurance sector and its users. An insurance industry leader, Shift Technology deploys its data science experts, customer service advisors, project managers, and insurance specialists to transform insurance and financial services.

Various factors mar the present-day landscape. Every industry that directly or indirectly works with insurance operations faces regulation policies, legacy systems integration, and changing economic conditions concerns. Shift Technology allows insurers to make informed decisions, provide premium customer experiences, boost efficiency, and decrease financial strains.

Shift Technology works with multiple industries and understands their patterns to develop customized solutions. The P&C insurance industry relies on automated and optimized decisions, excellent consumer support, swift decisions, and policyholder management. Shift Technology offers the P&C sector solutions that prevent fraud and misrepresentation and identify fraud schemes. The company helps the sector make accurate decisions using AI analysis, lends its human expertise, and provides KYC and AML support.

Similarly, healthcare insurers experience fraud, waste, and exploitative cost challenges. Shift stops the threat of suspicious alerts, pyramid schemes, and unreliable data sources. The company implements fraud detection and management systems, prevents waste, and uses AI tools to accelerate impact and accuracy.

Choosing investors is one of the most important decisions for a company – especially when you’re in it for the long term. You need to be very careful who you choose. When you look at your board’s and your VC’s function, you want someone who truly believes in your vision,” said Jeremy Jawish, CEO of Shift Technology.

Shift creates and delivers its clients unique and innovative products for more accessible and secure navigation. Shift Improper Payment Detection plays the reverse card on fraudsters. It deploys AI-powered models with healthcare training to enhance data, trace 4x more fraud, prevent waste and abuse, and detect threats accurately.

This application combines claims data and over a hundred external sources to provide real-time AI insights. The AI-driven analysis sends prioritized alerts for high-value prepayment and post-payment detection, integrates case management, and enables a speedy and efficient workflow.

Shift Claims Fraud Detection is a blessing in disguise for P&C insurers. This tool uncovers real-time and scheduled claims fraud, increases the detection rate by three times, and generates detailed reports with transparent findings. Its API integration with insurer core systems and SaaS-based solution allows fraud investigators to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

With its Claims Intake Decisions, Shift streamlines claims processes from First Notice of Loss to claim resolution. It uses AI tools to prevent losses and improve the result. This application delivers an authentic FNOL experience across multiple channels, trains AI to analyze insurance documents and all data forms, and studies claims, policies, and third-party data.

Companies must acquire relevant data to plan a contextual strategy for better claim results. Shift Claims Document Decisions trains AI models to correctly read and process insurance documents. It transfers workloads to AI and experts to save time, minimize leakage, and enhance the policyholder experience.

Insurance firms must know their clients and customers to prevent unauthorized data access and money laundering. Shift’s Financial Crime Detection allows insurers to detect fraudsters using AI. The AI technology eliminates illegal operations, functions per regulation policies, resolves false identities, and supports KYC initiatives. Financial Crime Detection also automates AI analysis by identifying sanctioned policyholders.

Shift Technology boasts a diverse case studies catalog. The Paris-based company spreads its services to domestic and international clients that fit their needs. Global insurer Generali France wanted to increase fraud property claims detection. Shift Technology provided its cloud-operated AI-driven fraud detection product, Force. Shift Force allowed fraud investigators to identify, verify, and eliminate fraud beforehand.

Generali France could process over 100,000 claims annually with the help of Force. The application also reduced the false positive numbers, accelerated the claim procedures, and combined thousands of data variables swiftly and efficiently.