SigFig – Software for Financial Services

One of the leading FinTech companies, SigFig believes in reforming the financial landscape. The financial sector is a valuable tool for start-ups and existing companies, as it helps them map their business goals and projects. Keeping the financial sector’s importance and users’ needs in mind, SigFig aims to make its clients’ journey navigating the financial sphere more convenient and assist them in achieving their aspirations and ambitions.

Extending a helping hand to customers managing their financial goals, SigFig uses data science, technology, and design to provide them with the knowledge and guidance they require for making informed financial decisions. The FinTech company empowers businesses by working with globally recognized financial institutions. Using its advisor team, financial services, and resources, SigFig offers access and investment advice to its clients. Technology plays a pivotal role in almost all business operations, and SigFig uses technological advancements and developments to create accessible and efficient designs and systems.

Founded in 2006, SigFig believes that utter transparency and client satisfaction are the keys to revolutionizing the financial services market. By molding technological innovations and reshaping them as tools, SigFig aims to identify the factors affecting the present financial landscape and find a fix for the doubts, challenges, and obstacles its customers encounter. Investing in the right technology, planning interface designs, migrating to remote work, developing a user-friendly system, increasing data security, and complying with regulatory policies are some of the main challenges clients face when dabbling in AI-based financial applications.

Meeting the customer where they are and focusing the conversation about their needs to us is a much more powerful way to kind of interact with the customer,” said Mike Sha, Co-founder and CEO of SigFig.

The San Francisco-based company designs innovative tools to develop a customer-centric solution that combats the challenges created by migrating from traditional systems to new platforms. SigFig provides products and solutions to build and maintain a seamlessly integrated software system that leads to a smooth and unified client experience across four countries: the United States, India, Singapore, and Canada.

SigFig’s Digital Wealth Difference product aims for a uniform client-centric application. The Digital Wealth product merges core banking with an accessible and convenient client-focused portfolio to create a more approachable financial management system. This product delivers a multi-channel advice platform that works online and offline, allowing customers to access solutions anywhere, anytime, and on any device. To provide financial guidance to its clients, SigFig provides a risk-preventative questionnaire that gives suggestions and solutions per clients’ needs and goals.

In addition to financial assistance, through Digital Wealth Difference, SigFig aims to create a digital-first experience, which includes a central platform that supports investment solutions, back-end technology, and modern tools that accommodate regulatory compliance standards.

Another essential SigFig product is SigFig Discover, which digitizes customers’ complaints and queries, and enables clients to contact financial experts and advisors without depending on irregular appointments. Moreover, this product also provides a standard blueprint to support service and sales pitches, helping new financial users perform like financial professionals.

Using SigFig Engage, the company allows businesses to work remotely on their projects, share investment advice, and focus together on sales and services. The product also offers an optimized screen experience, engaging users using an immersive platform that creates content and solutions based on a customer’s demands and requirements. Integrating workflow is an essential component of financial-based services, and this product allows system integration, such as CRM, notes, and eSignature, to accelerate advisor-client appointments.

SigFig’s products and tools have helped companies manage their wealth and finances effectively and safely. Refinitiv, a global financial market data provider, used SigFig’s consumer-centric platform to develop an efficient, easy-to-navigate, end-to-end robo solution. Using SigFig’s application, Refinitiv achieved automated investment management and a seamless client experience by providing its customers with unique Digital Advice solutions to enhance and improve their financial decisions and services.