Silicon Power Installs Innova STS Sub-cycle Transfer Switch at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

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Maximizing NIST’s Power Resilience for Uninterrupted Operations

MALVERN, PA, January 8, 2021 – Silicon Power Corporation today announces the installation of an Innova STS sub-cycle transfer switch at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Boulder, CO.

The Innova STS monitors the power quality of two distinct and redundant feeders to the NIST facility, and provides sub-cycle transfer from the utility preferred source to the utility alternate source in the event of a momentary interruption or disruption in power quality. This effectively protects NIST’s critical systems and keeps uninterrupted operations in the event of a disturbance.

“We are excited to be part of a more intelligent and resilient electric grid solution connecting critical facilities with utilities,” said Perry Schugart, Sr. Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Silicon Power. “Our Innova STS quickly transfers power (in less than a quarter cycle) from multiple feeds to the load when the power supporting the load fails or has insufficient power quality. Mechanical transfer switches are too slow for many power sensitive loads.”

About Silicon Power Corporation Silicon Power Corporation is a globally recognized technology developer and solutions provider in the design, development, testing and manufacturing of high-power semiconductor devices and utility-applicable systems.

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Perry Schugart

Sr. VP Marketing & Business Development

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