Skillable – Continuous Skilling For Continuous Change

Skillable offers a fresh take on traditional online learning through virtual hands-on labs. Advocating that performance-based skilling is a foundational element of learning, Skillable offers a virtual lab platform that enables technology and training companies to incorporate hands-on learning into their software or platform training to accelerate product adoption.

Skillable’s approach to skilling comes at a crucial time as it is predicted that by 2030 there will be a global scarcity of skilled IT employees, resulting in an estimated $8 trillion in unrealized annual revenue. Organizations should focus now on the constant upskilling of their customers, partners, and employees to curb costs incurred while trying to make up for this technical skills gap.

The most effective way to achieve this is to learn while doing. Skillable, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA, is on a mission to increase opportunities through skilling. Skillable enables hands-on, challenge-centric skills development and immediate validation through their scalable virtual lab platform. Customers have access to fully-licensed, secure lab environments where users develop their skills in real-world situations—going from just guessing to confidently knowing how to succeed in their roles.

In addition to its lab development platform, Skillable offers a massive online learning library of training materials for simple access to rich content. Skillable’s proprietary content, Challenge Labs, feature a library of more than 1,000 curated, real-world scored labs across a variety of topics and technologies, including Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Linux, Cybersecurity, AWS, and Kubernetes. These hands-on learning experiences are designed to challenge learners and confirm their experiences along the way and can be used as primary or supplemental technology training.

Skillable is also an authorized lab host for Microsoft’s Official Curriculum content, offering the popular courseware through training companies to hundreds of thousands of learners each year. In addition to Microsoft’s content, Skillable hosts lab content for vendors such as CompTIA, EC-Council, Veeam, CheckPoint, and CybrScore.

Leading technology and training companies trust Skillable and have achieved remarkable success with their platform. One example is Skillable’s partnership with the cybersecurity division of Comtech to support the validated skills development of security professionals worldwide.

With Skillable’s virtual lab platform, Comtech can react quickly to emerging cybersecurity threats, creating and deploying new content in days — not months — and assessing their learners’ growth. In their partnership, Comtech has published 4,500 hands-on labs that have been launched more than 750,000 times with 90 to 95% of learners showing job-ready proficiency after course completion.

“Skills drive abilities and abilities create opportunity. Our team is excited for this next phase of our journey and the impact we’ll have with our customers and partners. We are well on our way to transforming the way organizations think about skilling and we’re just getting started,” said Corey Hynes, CEO of Skillable.

Skillable continues to expand its revolutionary platform through new products and feature enhancements, focused on skills acquisition, validation tools, and easy access to data that helps guide their decision making. Skillable was named Overall e-Learning Company of the Year by EdTech, is the four-time Virtual IT Labs leader from user reviews on, listed in numerous Top 20 and watch lists from Training Industry and is a four-time Inc. 5000 honoree.