Skillsoft – Employee Development: Online Training Solutions

Finding the edge in today’s industry landscape requires strategies executed with finesse. Most companies fail to recognize the importance of this and face the threat of obsolescence. This is where Skillsoft presents a wide range of solutions.

With custom learning programs that go from tech skills to leadership prep, Skillsoft’s custom learning programs are ideal for bringing about the transformation your team needs. Skillsoft has its vision and mission grounded in the real-life experiences of entrepreneurs.

Unlocking human potential is our ethos. With unparalleled expertise, Skillsoft empowers learners through innovative tools, driven by a commitment to continuous evolution. Together, we shape futures and cultivate excellence. — Jeff Tarr, CEO

When it comes to revamping a team, it almost becomes a dire need with mergers and acquisitions in the picture. Skillsoft has ample experience in the niche, and a recent one is a testament to Skillsoft’s commitment. In a company yet to settle after a merger of five distinct companies into one single enterprise, the developers did not fully understand the consulting side of the business, and the consultants did not fully understand the developer side. This meant that this potential customer missed key opportunities to upsell, cross-sell, and effectively address clients’ pain points.

With Skillsoft at its side, the tech company set out to create an organization-wide learning initiative to help every employee understand the business’s core values and operations. The talent development team of the company and a committee of leaders as well as the representatives from Skillsoft collaborated on creating a custom Aspire Journey. This enabled the company to blend Skillsoft content and its internal materials to cover two key subjects – Consulting Essentials and Agile Essentials.

Skillsoft is not only interested in designing customized solutions for upskilling a team, the solutions and products offered by the enterprise go far beyond. The value Skillsoft places in ethics and compliance training is always a helping hand to its customers. Through this product, the users understand how to mitigate risk, provide consistency, enhance culture, live their values, and fuel growth by educating employees on the laws, regulations, and expected behaviors that affect their daily activities.

When it comes to ethics training, Skillsoft takes great care to factor in context and multiple other factors. The enterprise firmly believes that doing the right thing means something different to everyone. Hence, Skillsoft focuses on three core components while working with this product – Accuracy, Transparency, and Relevancy. These courses are developed in conjunction with experienced practicing lawyers who specialize in confronting challenging compliance issues every day. With this product, organizations may communicate legal standards and internal expectations to employees — reducing the risk of violations to build an ethical and lawful culture. Skillsoft’s courses make sure to use real-world simulations and up-to-date training materials that align with important regulations, helping the customers avoid financial and reputational consequences.

Another recent customer experience drives home the point of the brilliance of Skillsoft’s compliance courses. When a customer suddenly needed to keep over 5,000 global associates across the planet safe, supported, and up-to-date on compliance in the light of the pandemic, Skillsoft came to the rescue. Having to pivot from in-person training to web-based compliance programs seemingly overnight was an issue that numerous ventures faced during the period. Partnering with Skillsoft to utilize its Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) solution, this customer transformed workplace safety from a tolerated mandate into an innovative, company-wide mindset. It addressed key risk areas relevant to potential employee hazards and kept the training relevant, up-to-date, and consistent.

Best of all, the undertaking was able to communicate corporate safety standards to employees across all locations, deploying training in a manner that is engaging, interactive, and available across platforms in multiple languages. For countless organizations that operate with a diverse global employee base, it can take time to see company-wide adoption of new training programs. That is the reason why Skillsoft stands to offer the same standardized training in a group-led setting throughout the company, incorporating site-specific curriculum needs and employee feedback.

With the best practices in the industry at the moment, incorporating AI is the next step. When organizations make this decision, they fail to consider how crucial it is to equip the team with the necessary skills for such a transformation. With advancements in AI, cybersecurity, and the ongoing skills crisis, having leaders in the organization who understand and prioritize stewardship becomes all the more essential.

Adopting a calm and strategic approach to change management makes all the difference for teams, it can minimize resistance, facilitate smooth transitions, and boost morale amidst uncertainty. Skillsoft has built a steady reputation for being the support that organizations require during times like this. The ripple effect of this type of forward-thinking guidance permeates throughout the entire organization. Inevitably, it creates a culture where excellence is no longer an exception but the norm. In these spaces innovation is encouraged and celebrated, leading to new ideas and solutions that can push the organization to new heights. An environment of collaboration keeps organizations competitive, giving them a leg up in the workplace.

Simply put, Skillsoft is one of the top innovative companies to watch out for in 2024, thanks to the out-of-the-box products and solutions they offer. Adding to this, the company’s commitment to professional values and skills makes collaboration infinitely smoother.